December 13th – Bryce and Brooke–Diocese of Alexandria, LA “This course reminded me of how amazing God is

Him: This was very through and more detailed than an in-person experience would have been. I appreciated the personal responses to all of our responses that helped us learn it more in depth. It was often filled with personal anecdotes and we could tell they really cared about us and wanted the best for our marriage.
Her: I really enjoyed taking this class! It gave us opportunities to discuss important topics prior to marriage. Having these hard conversations before the marriage will help us so much.

Both: We had a broad idea on communication and the importance of working together but this helped us understand forgiveness and working through tough situations.

December 14th – Michael and Madisan–Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “We are more open with each other in conversation.

Him: It was wonderful working with our instructors. Really eye and ear opening conversations that I have not thought about or heard about and I believe that the materials covered have been beneficial.
Her: Our instructors were really nice to work with, I feel as if Michael and I understood a lot more than we have even thought about talking of before. This marriage preparation class has helped us think about what to expect and how we can personally come together with any blessing and or struggles in our live, and how we can grow together as one with God in the center of our lives.

Both: Thank you for encouraging us to be closer to God and helping us understand what marriage is with two coming together as one with the lord. Helping us understand ways we can discuss how we can overcome any battles we may have in the future as a married couple.

December 15th – Daniel and Gabriela –Diocese of San Francisco, CA “Helped me grow stronger in my faith and relationship.

Him: This class was very helpful and taught me so much about myself, my relationship, and my faith.
Her: I feel as though this class was incredibly helpful and truly made a positive impact on me and my relationship

Both:This improved our communication as it gave us the opportunity to talk things through more thoroughly and we were able to grow together in our faith.

December 16th – Joshua and Danielle–Archdiocese of Cincinnati, OH “It revived my faith

Him: I liked the learn at your own pace of the course. Danielle and I could take as much time as we needed to discuss and review questions. I also liked that it was just her and I. I am not big on the in-class lecture type of classes because I would have only spoke if called on by the instructor. With Danielle, I was comfortable enough to contribute and get more out of the class.
Her: I enjoyed this course because it allowed us to communicate more with each other. Had we been in an in-person class, we would not have likely spoke up and been able to focus at all times. This allowed us to work at our own pace.

Both: It allowed us to gain knowledge in areas neither of us had really ever learned about before. It was a good kick start to growing in our faith together.

December 17th – JT and Maisie –Archdiocese of New Orleans, LA “Made us discuss some of the harder topics in depth together.

Him: This class was great and gave us additional insight from another strong Catholic couple.
Her: It was great! I loved that we got to interact with a strong catholic couple who has a great marriage, it helps to learn how to talk about some of the hard subjects in a marriage.

Both: It revived our faith because we got to interact with another couple who has a strong Catholic marriage that has withstood the test of time and life obstacles.