December 20th – Francesco and Maria–Diocese of Allentown, PA “It was fun and interesting

Him: I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot about marriage and the church. I really liked the instructor’s passion in teaching the course as well.
Her: The instructors were really nice and fast getting back to us. The course questions made us think and talk together a lot.

Both: It was a constant reminder of how God wants us to be in our marriage. It strengthened our bond and communication.

December 21st – David and Gabrielle–Diocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “It helped and added to my faith

Him: It opened avenues of discussion we hadn't previously gone down; it gave us a lot of knowledge and ideas to ponder in different scenarios.
Her: Our instructors were quick to respond, thorough, answered all our questions, increased our understanding of marriage preparation in the Catholic Church, and strengthened our relationship.

Both: The lessons sparked in depth conversation where we shared our fears, expectations, and found solutions together.

December 22nd – Kristopher and Victoria –Diocese of Austin, TX “I am now fully knowledgeable in how the foundation of our marriage should start

Him: It helped me understand the Catholic Church's intentions and understanding of what a married couple should follow in their everyday life in order to have a long and happy marriage. I learned a lot about myself and my future wife Victoria in the process and has helped us become closer.
Her: During this course, I have learned what marriage should be. What to expect and how we, as a couple can live our lives the way God has intended for us. I truly am grateful for these classes because I have learned a lot about my future husband and myself in order to ensure that our marriage remains healthy and always puts God first.

Both: It helped improve our communication because we had to talk about our answers together. While talking about our answers, we talked about what we wanted as an individual and as a couple.

December 23rd – Kevin and Katie–Archdiocese of Chicago, IL “It went above my expectations

Him: This was a great tool for our marriage and future. It was enlightening and I think it will make us stronger as a couple.
Her: I thought the class was great, it truly gave me insight on how to make our marriage stronger and the issues we might come across. However, with those issues we were given tools to help us.

Both: This course brought us closer as we truly know how God will play a role in our marriage.

December 24th – Joshua and Rachel –Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “We truly appreciate the opportunity to learn from such great instructors.

Him: I really found a ton of value in this course. I truly feel it has constituted to deeper discussions between Rachel and myself. Our instructors were excellent and provided so much detail and deep responses that we can continuously revisit throughout our marriage.
Her: This course was very valuable. The content and practical advice from the course will be guidelines for us for many years to come.

Both: We will attend mass weekly and pray as often as possible together. We will have a shrine in our home inviting God to be an active part of our lives.