We were able to complete the course on our own time!

January 20th Steven and Monica – Portland, OR
“We feel that we have really grown under the guidance of the course.”

Him: This program went much further in depth than I actually expected. I had heard from others that took weekend classes how easy and simplistic they were. For us, this course challenged us, gave us great insight, and the feedback was more thorough than I could've imagined.

Her: I appreciate the personal responses that were provided for us. The feedback encouraged me to take my time to reach and answer questions seriously.

Both:  I felt that this course reminded us to keep our relationship God centered as we navigate marriage.It also gave us very specific and important topics to discuss in depth creating a structure for our communication.

January 21st Patrick and Audrey – Denver, CO
“I realized how deep the Catholic faith is.”

Him: We loved how quick our instructors were to respond to the worksheets. It felt like it truly was a dialogue. I also definitely learned more about the Catholic faith and why it's important to Audrey.

Her: Our instructors were awesome, especially in giving examples from their own life together.

Both It brought up some topics that we needed to discuss in more detail or hadn't discussed at all.  We feel confident we've now discussed all the major points before our marriage.  


January 22nd Nicholas and Sarah – Military
“We were given the tools necessary to build a successful marriage.”

Him:   This was a solid prep course. I definitely learned a lot and I feel Sarah and I will be more prepared and ready to handle challenges that will come our way.

Her:  I believe it is a very good prep course to help couples think about the foundations of marriage and starting a life together that encouples God and his teachings. It reminds us of the purpose of marriage and there are always resources for problems that can arise in marriages.

Both: The guidance from our instructors was a great supplement to our learning, especially since they already had a military background and can relate to certain situations.


January 23rd Kevin and Angela – Philadelphia, PA
“I’m very happy that we did this course.”

Him: This course was very informative. It was also very convenient being that we were able to do it on our time as having busy work schedules.

Her: I appreciated that it was online and that we were able to complete the course on our own time.I feel like we are ready to enter marriage fully prepared.

Both: This course really enabled us to grasp what the sacrament of matrimony means and what we are entering into. It really made us sit down and give us the ability to talk and practice problem solving that will help us a day, month, or years from now


January 24th Charlie and Mary – Kansas City, KS   
“I learned more than I thought I would.”

Him: The course gave us the opportunity to dig deeper into our relationship in preparation for our marriage.

Her: It showed me God is the heart of our relationship and will always be there to guide us in our marriage.

Both: We thought this course was very beneficial!  We learned more than we thought we would about our shared beliefs and things we needed to discuss further. 

Couples' Feedback

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