I believe this was an excellent course

January 27th Jared and Caitlin – San Francisco, CA
“We learned so much about what marriage means.”

Him: I enjoyed the topics in the courses, and each of the modules forced us to tackle topics in a structured and deep way. It helped me realize the importance of having God as the ultimate center of our relationship.

Her: I really enjoyed the close relationship we were able to establish with our instructor couple remotely, and we valued their feedback tremendously.

Both: The coursework helped us have very meaningful conversations as a couple, which set a great foundation for our marriage.


January 28th Mac and Monica – Sacramento, CA
“I appreciated every lesson.”

Him: What a great course! The tools and teachings I took away from it were amazing. I'm glad I will have this knowledge for the rest of my life!

Her: There is so much useful information and guidance to get us started on the right path and give us the right tools that I'm confident we will use throughout our marriage.

Both This was not only a very informative course but it truly did reaffirm our faith and we are forever grateful. It gave us tools to handle communication for future arguments that will be incredibly useful.


January 29th Jorge and Tatiana – Venice, FL
“I now feel prepared for a happy, healthy marriage.”

Him: I was thoroughly surprised with the amount of information I learned, starting with a study into Genesis and ending with real-life guidance on communication. 

Her: I believe this was an excellent course that allowed us to prepare for marriage on our own time/schedule. The subject matter varied and allowed us to discuss several different aspects of marriage related to the church as well as things any couple preparing for marriage should discuss about themselves.

Both: We no longer feel like any topic is off-limits or too far-fetched for us to be talking about so early in our marriage path.


January 30th William and Julie – New Orleans, LA
“We’d really recommend this course!”

Him: I really enjoyed all the topics. They really got me thinking and praying.I think I would rather the online version better than a quick weekend retreat.

Her: I found after doing this course William and I began trying to pray more together.The course also allowed us to take time to talk and connect about certain topics.

Both: We have found ourselves just talking more in general and more about deeper topics. We had more life/ love lasting conversations. 


January 31st Joe and Jaclyn – Sioux City, IA  
“It really brought us together as a couple.”

Him: The course got us thinking about a lot of things and gave us time to discuss things important to us.

Her: This course was wonderful in preparing us for marriage, it has taught us so much. I believe we both have become stronger in our faith throughout the course.

Both: We are able to converse more with love, and focusing on how we are listening and communicating, rather than just the other person.

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