The course was refreshing.

February 3rd Demitri and Katherine – San Francisco, CA
“This course got us thinking about marriage in every sense.”

Him: We are super glad we did this course. It was lengthy, but in a good way because it allowed us to really take our time and understand what makes a Catholic marriage different.

Her: We learned so much and now we talk about these things on a daily basis. Even though we've been engaged for several months, I feel like we only now truly understand what we're getting into, and that's a great thing.

Both:  We now talk about subjects we never really even thought of before (formation of conscience). Our conversations are much more meaningful. It's fantastic!


February 4th Miguel and Jennifer – San Francisco, CA
“The course made me look deeper.”

Him:  I liked the love letters. I feel that even though the course is over I think I want to continue to write love letters and then we can sit down and share once a month, makes for a good quality time.

Her:  When I started to read and dig into the course and learn so much about God and how He will become part of our marriage I felt that this was better than taking a life course.

Both Our instructors were so responsive and quick to turn around with our answers key. Always made us feel special and felt like family.


February 5th Ralph and Dana – Greensburg, PA
“More Bible readings and Scripture than I thought there would be which was very nice.”

Him: Great experience and a very informative class. Our instructor’s answers were very thorough.

Her: I appreciated the topics that spurred conversations about our current relationship and what our thoughts are for our future marriage. 

Both: It was so helpful that this course is available online so that we are able to complete the work on our own time. 


February 6th Brian and Daphne – Atlanta, GA
“I found this course to be very helpful.”

Him: The course allowed us to take a step back and prepare, not just for the wedding day, but for our life together.I was very happy with the course.

Her: There were so many resources in the form of videos, additional articles, Bible passages that were very well organized and prompted additional dialogue. 

Both: Our instructors were incredibly attentive and really made an effort to get to know us as a couple. It was really special to have a married couple with all the experience that entails help us through.


February 7th Dennis and Melanie – Sacramento, CA
“The course was refreshing.”

Him: It helped us to think critically about obstacles we may encounter and ways we can help each other diffuse situations.

Her: I appreciated the love letters they were very sweet. The course is great

Both: It definitely revived our desire to get closer to the church and to remember God with all that we do and to be thankful for everything.

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