We are 200% prepared now to enter into marriage!

February 10th Tommy and Natalie – Madison, WI
“I’ve already started applying things that I’ve learned in this course to my life!”

Him: I am really happy to have had this prep. It made me think deeply about my own relationship with God, made me think more deeply about what marriage means, and has allowed my fiancée and I to think deeply about our marriage, our commonalities and differences. 

Her: This was an important part of preparing for marriage and we would recommend it to others getting married, and feel sorry for those that don't take time to go through something like this together before getting married. It made us not take for granted how special marriage is and will forever be!

Both:  We were able to talk about God together on a more deep level than ever before, we honestly talked about any concerns or future issues, and that has left me feeling certain that getting married is the right thing to do and exactly what I want for the rest of my life!


February 11th Matt and Kate – Austin, TX
“The course was truly a wonderful experience.”

Him:  I thought it was great! It was informative, it was helpful, it brought us closer together. It helped us grow even more, spiritually and emotionally.

Her:  It was really insightful and enlightening, it was really amazing to get our instructor’s personal answers and their own take on the assignments. We felt like they were very present and attentive and real!I really feel like we are 200% prepared now to enter into marriage together to become a great team.

Both Dedicating time every day to do this course was great for us, it's hard in our daily lives to find a routine but this really helped us to be present with each other as we grew as a couple.


February 12th Cole and Katelyn – Grand Island, NE
“The course was very well done.”

Him: Our instructors were always very prompt with reviewing our work and their responses were extremely in-depth. I thought the course did a good job of covering a range of topics.

Her: I think we were able to revive our faith by being reminded that going to church and having God at the center of our marriage is what we want and we have to take action to keep Him there.

Both: I think it improved our communication especially in how the course gave us tools and reminders to actively listen to one another and remember that God is here to help.


February 13th Conner and Amber – Phoenix, AZ
“I found it to be very informative.”

Him: It allowed me to grow closer to Amber and discover new ways to incorporate God into our relationship.

Her: Not only did we learn so much, but we have access to great resources to reference to throughout our marriage.

Both: We are now engaging in daily pray together that allows us to communicate and be more vulnerable together. We plan on using the lessons we learn through out our marital life.


February 14th Anthony and Amanda – Philadelphia, PA
“We found the links interesting.”

Him: I liked that this brought us together to explore our faith together.

Her: It was nice to actively talk about our faith and how we plan to bring that into our married life.

Both: The fact that our answers were reviewed prior to advancing to the next unit made it feel like it was in-person.

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