The course truly helped us as a couple.

February 17th Placid and Elisabeth – Galveston-Houston, TX
“Everything about the course was great.”

Him: The class was a great one. It gave me an insight about marriage and the expectation of marriage based on the teaching of the church and Christ.

Her: I love the class because I did learn a lot about marriage and I also learn about the teaching of Christ related to marriage. It was a great learning experience

Both:  The course actually help to improve communication between us. This is because it was the first we had to sit together and study including discussing God related issues together. 


February 18th Matt and Claire – Galveston-Houston, TX
“I appreciated how easy the course was to follow.”

Him:   I felt that the course gave us the tools and awareness to improve our relationship with each other and with the church.

Her:  It hit a lot of good topics I felt like I needed to discuss with my soon to be husband. It helped clear the air on some important aspects of marriage and through out it helped connect God to each lesson.

Both The course helped us talk about some things that we had brushed on in the past but not fully get into. It also brought up other ideas on how to handle adversity in our marriage.


February 19th Alex and Ellie – Portland, OR
“The course put a lot of complex ideas into an easy to understand format.”

Him: I think this prep provides a great platform for helping start conversations and gets you focused on what should be most important in your marriage, your relationship with Christ.

Her: I also appreciated all the wonderful things it taught me and really made me think about what I wanted out of marriage and my spouse.

Both:I  felt this marriage preparation was extremely helpful and truly helped us as a couple. Preparing us for a marriage and family building full of faith, trust and love.


February 20th Brent and Maria – Allentown, PA
“We had a good time doing this course.”

Him: Even though our instructors knew I was not catholic they never once judged me. They helped me along the way and gave us great feedback. We loved it.

Her: This course made me want to never loose my faith and to make sure the Lord in always in my marriage.

Both: We enjoyed having this course in our life, it opened our eyes to some things were did not know.


February 21st Chris and Christina – Toledo, OH
“We really learned a lot.”

Him: It went so much deeper than I thought it was going too. It helped me to remember that through knowing God, I can know my spouse better.

Her: I really appreciated going deeper into the church's teachings on marriage. It helped us have conversations that we haven't had before. 

Both: It improved our communication because it brought up some topics that we haven't talked about but moving forward we will be able to be more open because of this course.

Couples' Feedback

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