Every lesson seemed personal.

February 24th Ryan and Caroline – Baton Rouge, LA
“It was helpful and enjoyable!”

Him: The information in the assignments opened my eyes to many aspects of our relationship. It was eye opening to talk about the true difficulties that come in a marriage.

Her: In all honesty I thought it would just be another part of marriage prep, but I truly enjoyed going through each assignment and question with Ryan. I love that it brought so much conversation between us and helped us learn more about each other while preparing for the realities of marriage.

Both:  We feel the course will help us talk about things to each other in the event we do face the real problems once we are married.


February 25th Matthew and Christa – Peoria, IL
“I appreciated the plentiful resources.”

Him: I enjoyed the practical suggestions our instructors gave us with regard to how to live out what we were learning about in our marriage.

Her: Each lesson really helped Matthew and I dive deeper into important discussions about our relationship and what our hopes, desires, fears, etc. are and how we would like to handle them moving forward.

BothIt gave us more opportunities to pray together and share our faith.  It was nice to have the input of a married couple to serve as mentors during this process.


February 26th Christian and Ashley – Sacramento, CA
“I learned valuable information.”

Him: I feel like this course is well prepared and helped us reflect and prepare for our upcoming marriage. I now have a clearer understanding of what it means to get married through the Catholic Church.

Her: I appreciated the quick turn around time for the assignments and the detailed explanations and feedback given to our responses. The material provided was very relevant and logical to follow.

Both: We are now able to effectively communicate when something is bothering us or when we are in disagreement.


February 27th Jonathan and Samantha – Galveston-Houston, TX
“Every lesson seemed personal.”

Him: This prep covered both the spiritual and then on top of that some of the more practical advice and communication tools as well.

Her: I loved having the time to read and go through the lessons at our own time and in our own space.

Both: The course gave us the time and focus to discuss potential problems in our relationship and discover new tools for communication.


February 28th Christopher and Kayla – Orange, CA
“The course was a pleasant surprise.”

Him: Marriage is a journey, and it was good to get helpful advice, ideas, and guidance from the course. I also learned a lot about Catholicism and God I wouldn't have otherwise learned.

Her: Taking this course reminded me off all the good having a relationship with God did and does for me.

Both: There were so many good discussions we had. The course really helped with thinking about things that we didn't expect.

Couples' Feedback

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