I liked this course more than an in-person one day seminar

March 2nd Gavin and Katherine – Denver, CO
“We learned more about each other.”

Him: I really liked talking about the role of the man and woman in a marriage. I think it's helped Katie and I overcome some personal wounds in our relationship, and its setting us up to be good models for our kids.

Her: This course was super comprehensive and covered basically everything we could possibly need in our toolkit for marriage! I loved the fact that everything was online, so we could take this at our own pace and avoid the hassle of working around schedules.

Both:  It helped us to identify ways where we haven't been living out our identities as woman and man to the fullest. This prompted us to have discussions about behaviors and sins that we tend to fall into, and how we can work together to avoid them. 


March 3rd Eduardo and Emily – Raleigh, NC
“The online format really helped us.”

Him:  I like this system better than a one-day course taught over the course of a Saturday. Instead of having all the information given to us within a few hours, we had the time to read, discuss, and research topics we needed to.

Her:  I appreciated our instructors' ability to be welcoming and knowledgeable without making us feel like we should have known something we didn't.

Both We spent a lot more time talking about issues and topics that are important in a marriage and have gotten to know each other on a deeper level through the subjects brought up in this course.


March 4th David and Hailey – Portland, ME
“I am so happy that we got to take this course.”

Him: It was helpful in me understanding how to be the best husband I can be. I learned a lot about supporting Hailey and communicating.

Her:  I appreciated that we were able to work on the course together despite being thousands of miles apart. 

Both: We are prepared for the future and have had in depth conversations about what we want and what we expect from each other in the future. We are glad this class provided us that support.


March 5th Robert and Rachel – Phoenix, AZ
“It was amazing.”

Him: It opened up new doorways for me on how I can work together with my wife and future kids to get close to God.

Her: I liked the personal experiences of our mentor couple. They made the subjects more relatable because they were stories from experience integrated with the lessons.

Both: It helped Rachel and I realize what we have been doing wrong on the communication part all along and the tools to make it better.


March 6th Joshua and Rachel – Baton Rouge, LA
“We got to have conversations that aren’t always easy to have.”

Him: It was great to be able to go through each of the individual topics on their own, and to see how they build off of each other towards the main goal of understanding how to have a happy, healthy marriage with Christ.

Her: It was great to learn more about how our faith and relationship with God can impact our marriage in such large ways. 

Both: I think it really helped us get a better understanding of ourselves individually and as a couple.

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