I found the course meaningful

March 9th Daniel and Karina – San Diego, CA
“I appreciated that we got to do this together.”

Him: I felt like I knew a lot, but this opened me up to more ideas and an understanding of what marriage is. I feel a lot more confident now and I know we will have a successful and loving marriage.

Her: I got the answers and examples I of things that we need to do to have a strong and fruitful marriage.

Both:  We know how to talk to each other better and we discussed different ideas to show love and affection that we had not considered. 


March 10th Rich and Melanie – Denver, CO
“I found the course meaningful.”

Him:  A very good course, probably better than a group seminar. The course was a blessing and had worthwhile information.

Her:  This was a very good course and filled in some important gaps, particularly with regard to the Church teachings related to the Sacrament of Marriage.

Both We appreciated the flexibility because our work schedules would not allow us to attend the in-person seminars.


March 11th Kevin and Sarah – Harrisburg, PA
“We value all that we have learned.”

Him: I appreciated the personal insight into the topics from a couple that has already been through this process. The comments and feedback from our instructors were extremely helpful.

Her:  It revived my faith by providing prompts that Kevin and I could discuss to figure out expectations of each other in our marriage and how we can continue to grow in our faith once we are married.

Both: The course brought up many topics that are important to discuss before any marriage and definitely helped us to prepare.


March 12th Chris and Courtney – Harrisburg, PA
“I’m looking forward to incorporating the lessons.”

Him: I thought this was a very eye opening experience and taught us about a lot of things that we don't necessarily think about on a day-to-day basis.

Her: This prep provided a lot of good education, insight to marriage, how to involve God more in our relationship and made for good, open conversation.

Both: It has really made us aware of how we communicate differently and it has strengthened our bond as well as how we communicate, making it more effectively.


March 13th Rob and Erin – Raleigh, NC
“The course exceeded all of our expectations.”

Him: It was clear that the instructor put in a lot of effort toward their answers. When they had more to expand upon, they really dove in and did so, providing us with time and material for reflection.

Her: The course reminded me of WHY we are getting married; deeper than just "I love you".

Both: We feel much more open in speaking with one another! I truly feel like we are better prepared for marriage.

Couples' Feedback

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