I highly recommend this course

March 16th Tim and Sherri – Lansing, MI
“The course helped us gain a lot of understanding.”

Him: The insight and feedback was very well thought out and I believe it has given us information and advice that will prove to be very useful in our relationship going forward.

Her: I liked the in depth biblical references relating to God's plan for marriage. It renewed my desire to continue to learn more about the Lord and his plan for us in this life and in our marriage. 

Both:  It gave us a chance to consider some specific aspects of our relationship and the sacrament of marriage. Which in turn allowed us to discuss more deeply and effectively of the opportunities that lie before us.


March 17th Jesse and Karissa – Colorado Springs, CO
“The course was helpful.”

Him:  I enjoyedlearning together more about how God plays a big part in marriage. I am excited to keep God in the middle of our marriage.

Her:  I really enjoyed the layout of the course and how it was conducted.  It was actually helpful and enjoyable doing this course with my fiancé. 

Both It has helped give us an outside perspective of communication and incorporating some things that we think will be beneficial.  We are excited to implement everything we have learned.


March 18th Tom and Angela – Denver, CO
“I found it very interesting.”

Him: For a non-catholic who believes that we were already married, it did help me connect the dots from faith to marriage. I didn’t realize how biblical marriage is.

Her:  The instructors really made it worth while. The answers that were given in the answers keys weren't canned. They felt very specific to us.

Both: The course sparked more questions for me to go and find in regards to the Faith.


March 19th Kevin and Leanne – Charleston, SC
“We learned more about each other.”

Him: I really enjoyed this prep. Our instructors were great with feedback and it helped me to further my education of religion as well as knowledge about marriage.

Her: I feel it really helped us grow together in our relationship with the two of us and with God. I highly recommend this course for all couples soon to be married.

Both: I feel like it touched on several important aspects of marriage as well as teachings of the Church and Christ.


March 20th Colin and Kimberly – Colorado Springs, CO
“I loved the deep Catholicism.”

Him: I really enjoyed the experience because it brought to light so many of the important aspects of marriage that are not considered in a mere civil marriage.

Her: It was great to put focus on our marriage again and give deeper definition and meaning to our relationship.

Both: It made us more aware of the need for communication and sensitivity on the part of both of us.The course also demonstrated the great depth of emphasis the Catholic church puts on this sacrament.

Couples' Feedback

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