This course really helped strengthen my faith

March 23rd William and Andrea – San Diego, CA
“The topics were really insightful and beneficial.”

Him: The course explained the Church's views on marriage, gave us resources to read and use, and gave us ideas of the scenarios we will face as a married couple along with giving us plausible solutions to those scenarios.

Her: Throughout this course we learned about how we can make our marriage pleasing to God. These ideas we learned have strengthened my relationship with Him because now I have a better understanding of how He intended marriage to be.

Both: I appreciated the fact that we have to complete this course as a team. This helped us learn to work together and discuss things together.


March 24th Eric and Jacqueline – Galveston-Houston, TX
“We had fun talking about the course together.”

Him: I am very appreciative because I wasn't able to come in to do classes in person so having this online experience was very beneficial. This course really helped us to get on the right track and it was fun.

Her: I just loved the aspect of being able to have all the different discussions with Eric about our plans and our marriage and how we want to move forward.

BothOverall really easy process and helped us talk about a lot of different topics that will help us in our marriage.


March 25th Jake and Elicia – Fresno, CA
“The course helped us get on the same page.”

Him: The course gave me deeper understanding about the sacrament of marriage and how it relates and heavily involves our faith. This course really helped strengthen my faith and connection to God.

Her: I appreciated that this prep allowed us to spend time together thinking and discussing topics that are foundational in shaping our future together.

Both: The time and effort put in by the instructors to provide personalized feedback was touching. It made it clear that they care about us as a couple and that they want us to have a successful future.


March 26th Jacob and Angela – Colorado Springs, CO
“We took a lot away from the course.”

Him: This class has been very helpful is helping us center our marriage around Christ and his teachings. 

Her: This was a lot of very good information in a short period of time.The material provided in the prep and in the answer keys was impressive and a good reference for us in the future too.

Both: It was nice to be able to make time for the course and all the discussions among our busy schedules. 


March 27th Colin and Kimberly – Los Angeles, CA
“It helped us learn so much about marriage.”

Him: The instructors were extremely thoughtful in their answers! 

Her: This course really helped bring us closer to our faith and to each other. It allowed us to learn more about what it means to be married.

Both: It allowed us to discuss challenging issues about faith and marriage and to also get on the same page about many of the important things we did not immediately think of about marriage.

Couples' Feedback

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