This online course was extremely informative

March 30th Tyler and Katie – Kansas City, MO
“We enjoyed the course.”

Him: This course accommodated our timeline and was appreciated due to our relationship distance. The timeliness of the responses was great.

Her: I really appreciated the ability for the course to be flexible with our schedules. I also liked that it helped us find new ways to relate the church to our lives.

Both: The course helped us to relate our lives to the church in some way. This was helpful and sparked a lot of interesting conversations.


March 31st Nicholas and Summer – Trenton, NJ
“We learned a lot about the faith and each other.”

Him:  We found all the lessons helpful, and being we were able to do this on our time, we were really able to sit down with each other and discuss everything.

Her:  We were exposed to conversations we may not have had if we did not take this course, it brought us closer in our faith and help us plan how to grow our faith when we get married.

BothWe had conversation we may not have had otherwise and we really listened to how one another felt.


April 1st John and Sabrina – Sacramento, CA
“The course was interesting to learn through.”

Him:  I thought it was very helpful when the instructors provided feedback and more insight to our answers and/or questions that we had throughout the course.

Her:  I thought this program was beneficial. It brought awareness to certain topics that we haven't discussed yet.

Both: All of the material went so into depth it allowed us to have deeper conversations about our marriage. It was great to work as a team and discuss them together.


April 2nd John and Caitlin – New York, NY
“I appreciated the feedback.”

Him: I found the online course extremely informative and appreciate that it was something we could work at in a flexible way over several weekends as it gave us time to absorb the lessons. 

Her: This course really help better my understanding of a Catholic Marriage and I am grateful for it gave us guidance on how to strengthen our marriage, our bond with each other and our bond with God.

Both: It gave us time to focus solely on each other, reflect on our relationship and discuss possible future hardships plus their solutions.


April 3rd Colten and Erin – Scranton, PA
“The course was very helpful.”

Him: I appreciated the time and effort put into the answer keys, everything was explained in great detail, more than I would have ever expected. 

Her: I enjoyed that each lesson was very different every time but they still all managed to interlace with one another.

Both: All the lessons talked about topics in a different light and the answer keys were fantastic! We never felt like we put the wrong answers.

Couples' Feedback

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