I didn't realize we would learn so much!

April 6th Tim and Julia – London, UK
“There were great topics to talk about.”

Him: The course allowed us to get into deep discussion about our core values, family planning, and how to raise our children. It was a really enjoyable time.

Her: The lessons reminded me of what marriage means. It also made me discover more about marriage that I had not paid much attention to before reading more about marriage through the bible.

Both: We enjoyed having this time together to discuss our future together. There were some great conversation starters that made us talk about things we may have never thought about prior to getting married.


April 7th Britten and Maria – Sacramento, CA
“It revived our desire to get closer to God and the Church.”

Him:  This prep was an eye opener for me. I enjoyed how personable our instructors were,it helped me absorb the material more.

Her:  This course was very convenient for us; we could do it from the comfort of our home. We were able to work at our own pace. We were able to go back through readings and really dive into what the bible said.

BothThe assignments had us discuss several topics that are important in a marriage. The active listening assignment was really helpful.


April 8th Brian and Madeleine – Galveston-Houston, TX
“We have walked away with many useful tools.”

Him:  I thought this class was pretty solid and I learned quite a few new things. It inspired me to look deeper into my relationship with the Lord and my bride.

Her:  I learned a good deal about Christ’s intent for marriage and feel like we’ve been given this gift that we need to protect and build up as husband and wife.

Both: I think doing this online at our own pace was an awesome way for us to connect in the privacy of our home and discuss some (at times) difficult topics. We really enjoyed it!


April 9th Nick and Lauren – Denver, CO
“Very convenient format!”  

Him: This class was very easy to do while both working full time!

Her: The feedback on the assignments was given back to us in a timely manner that provided constructive feedback to get us thinking even more.

Both: This class opened up more discussions between the two of us and allowed us to go into more depth about what our expectations/goals of marriage are.


April 10th Tyler and Ericka – Lansing, MI
“The course went above and beyond our expectations.”

Him: I didn't realize that I would learn so much from a class about marriage. I honestly was very pleased that I went through this with my partner.

Her: This course brought so much enlightenment and renewal of knowledge in our faith. It has honestly been the most perfect journey to go on together through our marriage prep.

Both: This course taught us a lot about marriage, our faith and how everything is incorporated into one true meaning of marriage in the eyes of God.

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