The course really prepared me for our marriage

April 13th Nicholas and Kaily – Milwaukee, WI
“The course improved our communication.”

Him: I appreciated the feedback from the instructors. It always gave much more insight to the questions and our answers.

Her: I felt that the online marriage prep was a wonderful program. It opened up lines of communication between us and introduced us to topics we may not have considered. I felt it was organized very well and I enjoyed the layout of each lesson.

Both: It forced each of us to improve our individual communication with one another so that way the other person could develop a better understanding of what was going through the other persons mind.


April 14th Efraim and Vilma – Sacramento, CA
“The course taught me about my role in marriage.”

Him:  I appreciated the videos. I am a visual learner and being able to take a break from the reading mixed with the videos was highly appreciated.

Her:  I really liked how each module focused on a different subject. I liked how we started very easily and delved further into Bible readings.

BothWe learned how to resolve issues together and work through problems by addressing each other needs and finding solutions to our problems.


April 15th Benjamin and Marilyn – Pittsburgh, PA
“The course helped us immensely.”

Him:  I really enjoyed the course. It provided us with a ton of useful information. I liked the concept of having us figure out the answers on our own and then being given more explanations afterwards by the instructors.

Her:  I liked how the questions and answer sheets often prompted further conversation between me and my fiancé. The course was a good review and presented many Catholic teachings in a new way.

Both: The course helped us learn different ways that we as a couple can grow closer to God.


April 16th Clayton and Camille – Atlanta, GA
“We can apply what we learned to our marriage.”  

Him: As a non-Catholic, I found this very interesting and helpful. It gave me a lot to think about and prepared me for our marriage.

Her: I appreciated the parts where we had to think about our marriage and how we would handle different situations.

Both: It created an opportunity for us to discuss in detail our religion. While we have had these conversations in the past, they were much more structured and focused, which we both really enjoyed.


April 17th Michael and Alyssa – Philadelphia, PA
“The course was very meaningful.”

Him: This course gave us an opportunity to learn different strengths and target areas about ourselves as individuals and as a couple. We appreciated the opportunity to strengthen our relationship.

Her: This course gave us an opportunity to learn how to lead a successful marriage, how to strengthen ourselves as individuals and how to better our relationship as a couple and our relationship with God. 

Both: It allowed us to think deeper about different topics discussed throughout the course.


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