I am very impressed with everything we learned

April 20th Jacob and Kathleen – Austin, TX
“The course is a valuable tool.”

Him: I believe the course was very helpful in creating a solid foundation for our future marriage. It spurred discussion about our values, goals, and aspirations.

Her: Reading the answer keys after completing the assignment was very valuable to me. Seeing an outside perspective/reinforcement from the instructors was beneficial.

Both: The course inspired us to increase our reading of scripture and have prayers together. It also created many conversations and it was invaluable to have those discussions before marriage.


April 21st Miguel and Janine – Brooklyn, NY
“The course opened my eyes to different things.”

Him:  I enjoyed the activities that we were given at the end of each assignment. It sparked different conversations and different types of expressing feelings towards one another. It was nice.

Her:  I was able to realize how important communication and forgiveness will be in our marriage.

BothThis prep really helped us in understanding each other better on a spiritual level. We have also been able to express our thoughts more freely without fear of making one another upset or angry.


April 22nd William and Alexandra – San Diego, CA
“The course allowed us to grow closer.”

Him:  I appreciated the systematic approach to the course and how it allowed us to speak freely about our future life.  I think that it was very worthwhile to have a course to discuss a well-rounded set of topics that are involved with marriage

Her:   I felt that the course provided a wide range of topics upon which we were guided through the insight of the instructors. I liked the quick feedback and thoughtful responses that were provided by our instructors.

Both: The course material provided a safe environment that guided us in deep discussions. We feel that we have a much better understanding of each another as a result.


April 23rd Benjamin and Leann – Spain
“I was amazed by how much we learned during this course.”

Him: I appreciated most the guidance from a married couple who can share both their experiences together and with the Church, to young couples such as ourselves now setting out on the path to marriage.

Her: The course has renewed my interest in wanting to understand the meanings behind the teachings of God and His Church.

Both: The course helped us to discuss our feelings more often, to learn ways in which we can communicate better, and to resolve conflicts with a better approach


April 24th Dan and Kelly – St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN
“We received so much guidance.”

Him: This course has really taught me a lot on what marriage really means.

Her: I have learned a lot on what marriage is all about and what to expect. I have never had this in depth teaching on marriage. I am very impressed with everything we learned.

Both: Reading and learning about everything in these assignments has showed us how to spiritually connect with each other.

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