The course gave me a much better understanding of marriage!

April 27th Leobardo and Mellissa – Tyler, TX
“The course gave us good advice.”

Him:  It definitely gave me a better understanding on what Mellissa and I should work on a couple. I learned the deeper meaning of starting a family and I learned new things that were not told to us before. 

Her: I appreciated the assignment of matrimony and forgiveness.This course helped us start a more concrete plan of how we want to bring up our family and the forgiveness lesson helped me realize that we should move pass any judgments that are said and learn to forgive as Christ always forgives.

Both: I thought the course was very useful because Mellissa and I were able to get a better understanding of marriage for when our day comes.


April 28th Dylan and Lauren – Boise, ID
“We learned a lot of good ways to communicate effectively and with love.”

Him: I didn't go into this with expectations, so I would say that if I had any, it would have far surpassed them! 10/10

Her: I think this course helped Dylan and me out so much. It made us grow closer than ever. I think this course was very interesting and worth it.

BothIt was very eye opening and brought a lot of good, deep conversation forward.


April 29th Vincent and Tiana – Santa Fe, NM
“The course allowed us to grow closer.”

Him:  I really liked this course. It gave me a better understanding of marriage. I appreciated how much it explained everything.

Her:  This course really opened my eyes to marriage, gave me a better insight to what marriage entails, it brought me closer to my fiancé for we talked in depth about out feelings, goals and love for each other

Both: We appreciated how the questions and sessions were developed to get us to talk, and really think together.


April 30th Danny and Katelyn – St. Louis, MI
“I feel so prepared for our life together.”

Him: I thought that this course did a great job of not only educating us on the Church’s teachings for various topics related to marriage, but also helping start conversations between us that will be important for our future.

Her: I appreciated the ability to learn more about the Catholic faith and learn more about the promise and commitment of marriage.

Both: This course was a great way to get to know each other in so many new ways, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. 


May 1st Paul and Fredericka – Boston, MA
“The course forced us to think and learn.”

Him: The preparation gave me a better understanding of the Catholic Church and marriage ceremony. I would like to get closer to God and His church and this marriage preparation has been the avenue for that.

Her: The course really educated me on the importance and significance of marriage in God's plan. It was very in depth with instruction that I could grasp.

Both: It improved our communication a lot.  We have learned to ask the right questions and understand that although it may not be the answer we want to hear, dialogue must be had in order to coexist.

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