Informative, faith-filled, and definitely helped our relationship!

May 11th Marcus and Leta – Sioux City, IA
“I am very happy that we participated in this course as a couple.”

Him: This course brought us closer together as a couple in many different ways.Praying together everyday was one of the biggest takeaways for me.

Her: I appreciated all the feedback we received from our instructors. Our answers were pretty short but our instructors did a very good job at adding to our response with a huge amount of insight.

Both: Our communication and awareness of where God is at in our relationship is much clearer and because of that we are even happier than we were before.


May 12th Gregory and McKenzie – Austin, TX
“The course opened us up as a couple.”

Him:  The course showed that marriage is more than just a bond between us, but also includes God, and helps us include Him more in our lives now that we will be married.

Her:  It was great to see the Scripture readings and insights of marriage in our faith, and to talk about how those relate to our relationship in the present time. 

BothThe preparation was a great way to reflect on our relationship as we prepare for marriage.  It was informative, faith-filled, and definitely helped our relationship.


May 13th Grant and Samantha – Cincinnati, OH
“We are definitely starting our marriage off the right way after this course.”

Him: I appreciated the broad range of topics covered and questions that made us open up to each other on a deeper level.

Her: I appreciated the assignments and feedback on our answers. It allowed us to see other perspectives and reflect on how we look at things.

Both: The course made us grow even closer and talk about a lot of topics that we would most likely have not brought up on our own! 


May 14th Brandon and Kristen – Baton Rouge, LA
“The course was insightful and provoking for both of us.”

Him: I appreciated the detail with which this program was constructed. Although it took a fair amount of time and effort, it was totally worth it.

Her: I think that everyone should do the online course because it involves the couple so much, brings good discussion, and forces the couple to discuss before moving on. 

Both: The course brought up topics that we have never discussed so we were able to get on the same page for many things.


May 15th Elise and Malcolm – Sacramento, CA
“We learned even more about each other.”

Him: This class really got me thinking about our marriage and it honestly got me even more excited to have this bond with God.

Her: I appreciated the time he and I spent together to get this done. It was a bonding moment for the both of us.

Both: This class really helped in preparing us in what to expect from marriage. As well showing us ways to make our relationship stronger.

Couples' Feedback

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