We had awesome discussions!

May 18th John and Meredith – Denver CO
“We sure learned a lot.”

Him:  The feedback was also tailored to us, definitely a personalized experience. I was happy to see how built out the platform was.

Her: I thought the prep was very thorough and informative. It gave us a chance to reflect on our beliefs and relationship, have discussions we normally would not have had without the prep and a chance to work together.

Both: I feel like we connected about our personal beliefs, expectations for marriage and how we will incorporate God into our lives. It gave us more knowledge about all things related to marriage and it also broadened our knowledge behind the faith.


May 19th Zach and Anne – Kansas City, KS
“The course gave me a foundation with which to enter marriage.”

Him:  What a fabulous class, I highly encourage anyone looking for a great preparation for marriage to do this course. 

Her:  I had such a great time doing the preparation class with Zach, we had awesome discussions that I feel strengthened our relationship even more! Watching videos and reflecting on each assignment was such a great way to do this!

BothWe were able to reflect after each assignment and talk deeply about one and other's feelings and spiritual connections.


May 20th Joseph and Abby – Las Vegas, NV
“The course answered a lot of questions.”

Him: Very educational program! I learned a lot about the teachings of the Church as well as practical ways to implement those teachings in our lives. 

Her:  This was a very thorough class and gave plenty of resources to dig deep into many different areas in which I was already curious. I found this to be much more educational than what I could have experienced in an 8-hour, one-day event.

Both: We feel like this helped us solidify our beliefs in more tangible ways that we could better communicate them out loud and to each other.


May 21st Richard and Valerie – San Jose, CA
“The course helped focus us on the true meaning of marriage.”

Him: I love that it stimulated conversations between us.

Her: It opened us up spiritually and got us thinking about how we can involve God into our lives and our marriage. I appreciated being introduced to a new perspective of involving God into our lives. 

Both: It was worth it and we are glad we did this instead of an in person one day retreat! This course gave us a lot of tools to prepare us for our marriage and to refer back to as well!


May 22nd Jericho and Stephanie – Colorado Springs, CO
“The course gave clear advice.”

Him: This curriculum provided a strong foundation on what marriage should be according to the Catholic Church's teachings.

Her: It made me dig deeper so as to express my thoughts and feelings towards my faith.

Both: We have a better understanding of each other and where we stand which will make it easier to find middle ground while also respecting each other and our faiths.

Couples' Feedback

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