I thought the course was really well put together

May 25th Vincent and Erin – Lake Charles, LA
“We are a better couple after going through this course.”

Him:  The course was wonderful! It really helped guide us through questions we may not have considered previously and made us think about our relationship.

Her: We grew from having these conversations and by accepting Christ and his teachings together. I think it helped us have a better ground to stand on when entering this marriage.

Both: It got us talking about a lot of different topics that we had not necessarily explored before and definitely gave us tips we plan to use throughout our marriage.


May 26th Brice and Katherine – Phoenix, AZ
“It was nice having specific topics to talk about.”

Him:  It was an opportunity to have important conversations about faith and family before marriage. The prep offered good insights on a variety of topics that I believe will serve us well in our marriage.

Her:  This course was very helpful, and I appreciated the opportunity to learn and practice skills that will help us have a successful and happy marriage.

BothWe are praying together on a regular basis now, which is something we weren't doing before consistently. We want God to be present both on our wedding day and every day.


May 27th Kirk and Emily – Galveston-Houston, TX
“It made me appreciate the Sacrament of Matrimony much more!”

Him: I was pretty skeptical on how an online marriage prep course was going to go, but I thought it was really well put together and the feedback we received was very thorough and personalized.

Her:  I enjoyed revisiting the things learned in religious education during school in a new context as an engaged couple.

Both: The course presented the information in a great way that sparked meaningful discussions. 


May 28th James and Casey – Military
“The course was GREAT!”

Him: The helpfulness from our instructors made us look into the questions in deeper ways than we had thought. They really helped us break into the question and see the full meaning behind it.

Her: Despite the course being all online, it was still highly interactive and sparked a lot of good conversation and things to think about with my partner. Overall- EXCELLENT!

Both: It definitely gave us some discussion points about how to communicate better


May 29th Stefan and Sherazad – Covington, KY
“It felt like we were having one on one with our instructors.”

Him: The flexibility of being able to do the course over a longer period of time definitely helped us get the most out of it instead of having it all happen in a single day.

Her: This course gave me a deeper appreciation for the text of God. It has definitely sparked an interest to get closer to the text and the interpretations of it.

Both: The course is well designed to force couples to talk about hard topics and really delve into their relationship through the eyes of God.

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