We thanked God for this course.

June 1st Clayton and Andi – Lubbock, TX
“The course led to great discussions.”

Him:  I appreciated the thoughtful feedback from our instructors because their honesty and openness about their experiences in marriage showed that living out a marriage with God at the center can endure trials and tribulations.

Her: The course renewed my desire to learn more about our faith and got me back into daily bible study.

Both: It brought up topics of discussion that we had not, and likely would not, have initiated on our own prior to marriage. We have thoroughly enjoyed this course and look forward excitedly to marriage.


June 2nd Chris and Lynsey – Washington, MD
“The course was very beneficial and rewarding.”

Him: I feel that the program was good for us and really helped to strengthen our bond as we approach marriage.

Her:  This course was helpful in developing our faith together in preparation for marriage. Chris and I had many talks about that really deepened our relationship with each other and God.

BothWe learned more about each other, and identified things that could have been future pitfalls and developed plans to make sure they didn't become issues.


June 3rd Merce and Araceli – Columbus, OH
“The course ignites the desire to get closer to God.”

Him: This course has expanded my knowledge of the Sacrament of Matrimony, there is more to it than I expected.

Her: I appreciated all the useful links that were given to us along with all the books mentioned.

Both: The course gives me that extra re-assurance that even though marriage can be rocky, there's faith and there's resources to guide us to get through the rough patches.


June 4th Wade and Elena – Baton Rouge, LA
“The course was fantastic.”

Him: Through this course, we began praying more together which has allowed us to grow closer to both Him and each other

Her: I most appreciated the conversations that we were able to have while going through the marriage preparation.

Both: We learned a lot about the Church's teachings related to marriage and the sacrament of matrimony, prayed together, and feel closer as a result of this course.


June 5th Eric and Karina – Denver, CO
“We thanked God for this course.”

Him: I was only expecting some tools about how to work together but this was so much more. Everything was very educational and helped us to see God behind all of it.

Her: It grew to be something that I really looked forward to and helped us to grow on such a deeper level. It helped us to be on the same page and understand God's will so that we can put Him first.

Both:  It was riveting for us to talk about the course and it really helped us strengthen our relationship.

Couples' Feedback

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