I would highly recommend this to other couples!

June 8th Ridge and Ashton – Baton Rouge, LA
“The course will undoubtedly be used in our future.”

Him: I enjoyed the course because it brought us to every topic and question that a young couple should have when entering marriage. I also appreciated the authentic feedback from a real world couple who could understand what we are going through.

Her: It revived my faith by helping me to take parts of scripture and understand them as in terms of marriage and what God wants from us in this sacred covenant between a husband and a wife.

Both: We had to talk about hard subjects and come up with good plans and answers on how we will tackle these things in our married life.


June 9th Jesus and Stephanie – Galveston-Houston, TX 

“I’m glad we did this course before getting married.”

Him: I know there is so much to discuss and learn about marriage but this course did a good job in breaking topics down and covering many topics.

Her:  I felt like I could answer the questions honestly there was no right or wrong answer, no judgment, and if we did not know much about a certain topic we definitely feel like we know them now.

BothWe learned in depth what a marriage is, how to make it work and how to prepare to become joined together as one.


June 10th Brandon and Jasmine – Lubbock, TX
“The course showed us what good communication entails.”

Him: We learned a lot and I love how we got to do it at our own pace. I would highly recommend this to other couples.

Her:  This prep was awesome and I will always remember what I learned. I hope what I learned I can take and share it with other couples.

Both: This prep course went above and beyond to teach us the value of marriage.


June 11th Zach and Nallely – Phoenix, AZ
“The multimedia approach really complimented the scriptures.”

Him:  It really opened my eyes as to how much such a small act of praying together with my wife brings us both great joy and togetherness discussing our days, our goals and our struggles.

Her:  It revived my faith while watching my husband enjoy and learn something I've always been so passionate about.

Both: It allowed us to truly discuss deep rooted topics we otherwise would not have thought of.


June 12th Morgan and Jennah – New Ulm, MN
“We liked talking about the different topics.”

Him:  It was interesting to go over the different aspects of marriage in the Catholic Church. 

Her: For someone coming from a non-Catholic background I learned so much through this course. It really helped me gain a better perspective on our love together and the plan God has for us, how if we let Him be in the forefront of our marriage our lives will be better for it.

Both: The course has helped us to develop the way we converse about God together.

Couples' Feedback

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