This course was very well organized

June 22nd Mark and Vilashini – Singapore
“We are now better prepared for our future life together.”

Him: The course brought up some important teachings the Bible about the beginnings of man and woman and how matrimony truly unites both us through God.

Her:  I loved that the lessons were significant to the times we live in and it help me to relate all of these lessons to our relationship.For someone coming from a non- Catholic background, I learnt so much through this course. It helped me gain a better perspective on our love together and the plan God has for us.

BothThe marriage preparation course was extremely helpful and truly helped us as a couple, preparing us both for the marriage and family building with full faith, trust and love. 


June 23rd Dylan and Natalie – Milwaukee, WI
“We were never left confused.”

Him:  I realize my roll in my family and how God set up this role with my responsibilities.

Her: I feel that this course was super insightful and brought us together in a special way. I honestly really appreciated every lesson in their own way

Both: It has been a great reminder of how important God is in our lives/marriage.


June 24th Thomas and Christine – Newark, NJ
“It inspired us to be involved in the Church.”

Him:  I was raised Catholic and still learned a great amount of information that I think will be very helpful in our marriage. It inspired me to do things to enhance my relationship with God.

Her: It was very educating for me especially as I converted from Judaism to Catholicism. I found the coursework to be very engaging and appreciated all of the additional resources that were provided. 

Both: It enhanced our communication to allow us to speak about things we wouldn't normally address on a day to day basis and it also helped us learn more about each other's personal goals and desires.


June 25th Carlos and Estela – Los Angeles, CA
“It ignited and renewed our faith.”

Him:  The course gave me a clearer understanding of the Sacrament of Marriage and the great responsibility that it represents. It has prepared me spiritually to accept and embrace my duties as a husband. 

Her:  The personal feedback and stories have also been very insightful. They have allowed us to appreciate that we are not alone in this process.

Both: We believe that we are in a good path in being a lot closer to the church than before we decided to get married. 


June 26th Andrew and Kaitlin – Denver, CO
“The content was engaging and helpful.”

Him:  It was nice to be able to do the class online, especially with the COVID-19 precautions.It also felt very personal with our instructors.

Her: This class was very well organized and followed a step-by-step guide to marriage prep.

Both:  This course improved our communication by allowing us to be more open about tough issues such as money, relationships, and temptations.

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