The course gave us the tools to begin a great marriage

June 29th Francis and Grace – Sacramento, CA
“By using what we learned in this course I know our marriage will succeed.”

Him: I most enjoyed the active listening section because it was very hands on and allowed us to put ourselves in simulated situations and conflicts that may come up in marriage.

Her: I felt like the content was really great and informative! . I appreciated the fact the content was relevant to our current lives.I liked how we had the opportunity to contact our instructors throughout the class in case of any questions

BothWe like the fact that we were able to open up with one another and we know that these topics would lay the foundation of our successful marriage and future family.


June 30th Davin and Jessica – Kansas City, KS
“Had more information than I expected.”

Him: For the course to be available online helped tremendously with our odd schedules and we enjoyed completing the assignments and learning new things every week.

Her: My overall impression of this prep would be excellent! The program is very flexible with couples who have confusing schedules. We really enjoyed our instructors.

Both: We really enjoyed reading what our instructors had to say in all of our assignments!


July 1st Antoine and Yeon – Paris, France 
“The course really helped to further conversations.”

Him: I really enjoyed following the structured marriage prep course and going through all the material and exercises. I liked the straightforward actionable advice provided as well as developing my understanding of the Church's position on numerous topics.

Her: I appreciated that it covered many different topics around marriage, different conflicts/problems that could potentially arise if we are not careful.

Both: It was a great opportunity to read, think, and discuss together on various topics regarding Catholic marriage, helping us align our values, strengthen our commitment.


July 2nd Matt and Sarah – Phoenix, AZ
“We enjoyed everything the course offered.”

Him: I feel it has set us up beautifully and has given us the tools to begin a great marriage.

Her: I recommend this to all couples preparing for marriage! We absolutely loved this and it exceeded my expectations.

Both: It truly hit all topics we were looking forward to discussing and also so many areas we have not had the opportunity to explore as a couple before.


July 3rd Austin and Callie – Lafayette, LA
“Our instructors were very encouraging and helpful.”

Him: This course helped us to understand Christ and ourselves as a couple. I really enjoyed it.

Her: This was such a great relationship-building course. It opened up many conversations for us and helped get our relationship closer to God.

Both: The course made us actually sit and discuss topics that aren't so easy to talk about. It really helped open us up to one another.

Couples' Feedback

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