The course gave us an opportunity to discuss things

July 6th Kevin and Marissa – San Angelo, CA
“The course showed us how important faith is in our marriage.”

Him: This class was very helpful in learning about what marriage means in the Catholic faith, especially for someone who is new to Catholicism.

Her:  I appreciated most the way the class is designed - building on each assignment to lay a good foundation as we moved forward. 

BothWe truly believe we gained more from this online class than we might have at a weekend retreat because it was personalized to our specific circumstances.


July 7th Richard and Christiane – Singapore
“Made us really think about the Sacrament of Matrimony and what it entails.”

Him:  The course was both efficient, in bite-sized chunks and very meaningful. Range of topics covered was broad and complete.

Her: I liked how the course used videos and readings to supplement the course teachings. I found the course comprehensive and insightful.

Both: It gave us an opportunity to discuss issues we had not brought up before, and we gained a better understanding of how we each viewed different topics.


July 8th Erik and Elika – Denver, CO
“The course was very useful.”

Him:   I really appreciated our instructors’ down to earth and helpful guidance.

Her: It was interesting to learn more about how the Catholic Church understands marriage, which is at times quite different than how American popular culture understands it.

Both: It provided good outlets for us to talk about how we understand different aspects of the faith which we hadn't really discussed before.


July 9th Scott and Jessica – Springfield, IL
“Wide variety of topics are covered.”

Him:  As I am not Catholic, the course provided me with further perspective and appreciation for the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Her:  I liked the organization and flow of the course, and I liked learning and discussing the Church's teachings on certain topics.

Both: The course made us think deeper about the Sacrament of Marriage and the commitment we are making through Christ.


July 10th Christian and Taylor – Lansing, MI
“We both learned a lot.”

Him:  The purpose and goal of this course was to set a foundation, to strengthen the relationship as a couple and with God and I think it did that very well. 

Her: This course was a helpful class not only to build a marriage based in faith, but also to build a marriage of sustenance. 

Both:  The class itself helped us better communicate about our faith and how we plan to practice it together in our marriage. 

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