This course is so valuable!

July 13th Steve and Magen – Philadelphia, PA
“I was very happy that there was a significant amount of background scripture mentioned.”

Him: I learned so much more about the true depth of marriage and its sanctity. I am grateful for this knowledge and will strive to live up to these expectations for the rest of my life.

Her:  The course is well organized, in-depth, and very helpful. I was especially happy to have an actual couple on the other end of the course- our instructors were wonderful.

BothIt was wonderful to be reminded of many of the teachings of the Church, and to feel closer to God by pursuing this path of marriage.


July 14th Michael and Ann Marie – Chicago, IL
“Really highlighted how important God is in our marriage.”

Him:  I felt that this course was very eye opening to more of the church's intricate teachings on marriage.

Her: I think that I got more out of this virtual prep that doing an in person Pre Cana prep that we were originally supposed to do.

Both: The course helped us become more comfortable talking through difficult topics together and working together towards a solution


July 15th Stephen and Brianna – Gary, IN
“So much valuable information!”

Him:   This course makes me passionate to keep learning more about my faith. I appreciated that the course made me realize how special this moment of our lives really is.

Her: My overall impression of Catholic Marriage prep was beyond great. I feel that it is something so valuable and important to marriage and will only help and guide a happy, life-long, meaningful marriage. 

Both: The Catholic Marriage Prep really help our faith in God and having a relationship with Him and the church.


July 16th Jose and Abigail – Phoenix, AZ
“The course was a pleasant surpise.”

Him:  The course was helpful and enlightening. I enjoyed the opportunity to go at our own pace since we both have crazy work schedules.

Her:  The course was very helpful in identifying some topics of conversation that we hadn’t explored yet and served as guidance for us to hold those conversations and learn about ourselves and each other.

Both: As the course was going we were developing new and exciting ways of communication and we began to use them throughout the course. We wouldn’t have talked about all the topics if we didn’t have a platform or format to talk about it. So happy we did it!


July 17th Arriz and Mary Anne – Washington, MD
“The quizzes were great.”

Him:  It revived my faith in God through praying together before and after doing the worksheets and helping me understand the Sacrament of Marriage more.

Her: It is an excellent prep course, aside from the convenience of taking it at home and doing it at our own pace, every assignments or worksheets given to us is very helpful in making us understand and learn all the aspects of marriage.

Both:  Our instructors made it easy for us to comprehend the important aspects of marriage that we need to learn and incorporate in our daily lives.

Couples' Feedback

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