I liked the way the course is set up.

July 20th Erik and Elizabeth – Camden, NJ
“The course gave us the tools to think as a couple.”

Him:  Overall this course did a great job preparing us for marriage. It gave us things to think about that we had not previously thought of and opened the door for constructive discussion.

Her:  The course was very helpful, especially the answers that we received from our instructors. They went into more detail than we could have on our own.

BothWe felt this course was a great alternative to an in-person class and we still got the most out of it. Our instructors were super responsive and helped us finish in a timely manner!


July 21st Nicholas and Aida – Philadelphia, PA
“Talking about forgiveness was really powerful.”

Him: I found the program to be very interesting.  It provided us with new ways at looking at our marriage, ourselves, and ways to handle problems.

Her: The course gave us more insight on how we should build our relationship through faith.

Both: The course showed us how influential God and the church can be in helping us form a strong bond.


July 22nd Zachary and Sara – Atlanta, GA
“The program encourages couples to explore their faith deeper.”

Him: I think they did a good job of hitting a variety of topics and the important aspects of marriage both in the church and around general communication/successful martial skills.

Her:  The course was definitely better than I expected from an online format.It encouraged me to talk about praying more together

Both: This course helped us to share our thoughts and plans for our marriage out loud which was really helpful.


July 23rd Rob and Ashton – Lake Charles, LA
“I was swayed in ways I didn’t anticipate, but I appreciate.”

Him:  Our friends, catholic and non catholic alike have asked how we liked this course, and we recommend that EVERYONE take it. This should be in every marriage.

Her:   I loved the communication we had with our instructors! They provided a unique perspective to our questions and gave us insight to what "real marriage" is like.

Both: The course improved our communication by allow Rob and I to better understand our roles as husband and wife. I loved the variety of questions we were asked as a couple.


July 24th Spencer and Kelly – Tulsa, OK
“The course was very beneficial.”

Him: I appreciated how everything related to the bible it kept everything in perspective. It brought me back to bible teachings that I haven't been refreshed on in too long and especially teachings about marriage.

Her: I think the course was a great way to prepare for marriage. I liked the set up and how we got very thoughtful responses to our worksheets.

Both: We were able to have conversations that we normally wouldn't in every day conversation.

Couples' Feedback

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