The course was really profound.

July 27th Austin and Megan – Denver, CO
“The course went above and beyond!”

Him:  The course was excellent! It taught me so much about what a real marriage is suppose to be like. And it showed me the ways as to treat my spouse.

Her:  We are close to God and His church, but learning to pray and love each other with God in the center through this course has also brought our relationship to a new level.

BothWe have used tools in a few different arguments and I believe it had changed the course of the argument. This course has opened our eyes and strengthened our relationship.


July 28th Jonathan and Rosario – Monterey, CA
“This course was highly beneficial to us.”

Him: I believe it is a good marriage prep. It brought me closer to God and the relationship I wish to have with Him. 

Her: I was able to learn about what to expected, what will be expected of me, and most importantly what my true feelings and beliefs are. I was also impressed with the large amount of information provided. It was all highly beneficial to us.

Both: This course also connected us back to what our purpose is as a couple and our relationship with God. It strengthened our core values once again.


July 29th Nicholas and Maria – Los Angeles, CA
“The course was very insightful and sweet.”

Him: I really enjoyed learning many of the church's beliefs on marriage and family. It made me realize how important it is to have God at the center of everything and particularly as it relates to marriage and family life.

Her: This I feel was really profound and a special part of our marriage prep. I'm grateful the Catholic Church makes this a priority.

Both: It gave us room and space to thoughtfully communicate our concerns or expectations, while understanding God's role in our relationship. We also spoke more candidly about finances and developed a strategy for what we feel is best.


July 30th Dustin and Bailey – Green Bay, WI
“It really helped us talk about our different religions.”

Him: The course brought back fundamental teachings and gave us the ability to personalize it to what it means to us and to our future marriage.

Her: I loved that it talked about the importance in communication, expectations, attending mass together and praying together.

Both: We really enjoyed this course and feel so grateful that we were given the opportunity to complete it, together.


July 31st Jacob and Lindsey – Columbus, OH
“The course was amazing.”

Him: I see this as an extremely useful tool and would definitely recommend it to others.

Her: I really appreciate our instructors comprehensive feedback on the answer keys.  It showed how much they cared and they really read our answers.

Both: The assignments and overall questions were thought provoking and went more in depth than I had originally anticipated.

Couples' Feedback

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