The course covered real life topics

August 3rd Billy and Christina – Bridgeport, CT
“We enjoyed learning about marriage.”

Him: This experience was so helpful in figuring out how to go about our marriage. It opened my eyes to the importance of faith in a marriage, as well as highlighting many other key aspects to growing in faith as a married couple.

Her:  I thought this prep did a good job at focusing on the most important and vital aspects of marriage and how couples can grow through their faith by inviting God into their relationship.

BothIt definitely made us discuss some of the most important aspects of our relationship in accordance with our faith. Learning more about our faith and marriage was exciting to experience together.


August 4th Francis and Ihuoma – Washington, MD
“We’re happy that we took this course.”

Him:  I thought the course will be a sort of passive reading only. However, I realized that the course was interactive and enabled my partner and I to learn and grow in faith and as a couple.

Her:  I loved spending time discussing with my partner and reviewing information together while in prayer, it brought us closer.

Both: We appreciated learning to explore information, study together and spend more time in prayer.


August 5th Joseph and Paola – Phoenix, AZ
“The course was very personalized.”

Him: The class was well thought out and course structure was built upon each topic week after week creating momentum as you go. The level of detail in which each topic was covered was most appreciated.

Her: I liked it, because it covered real life topics about marriage and the best way to make it work besides different conflicts that can appear during the road.

Both: By following the class structure and doing all the activities together it created a better understanding of who we are and what we want from our lives as Catholics and our relationship with God.


August 6th Nathan and Krystal – Victoria, TX
“The instructors were awesome.”

Him: I loved how personalized and how quickly the responses were.

Her: I loved how we could work on this from home in our free time and take our time going over the material by printing it out and hand writing the answers first.

Both: Working together on the assignments let us know we were both on the same page in many aspects of the course.


August 7th Will and Lauren – Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
“The course really opened up dialogue.”

Him: It was really nice to be able to do it on our own time and with a lot of flexibility. I love reading Bible passages and thinking about how to apply the lessons to modern life.

Her: I felt closer to God and to Will through the course. I want to continue to invite God into our relationship and grow together.

Both: There were a few lessons that we started to tie immediately into our day to day lives - using "I" statements, validating the feelings rather than trying to fix the problem, recognizing love languages. It’s really improved our relationship.

Couples' Feedback

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