I learned better ways to communicate with my spouse

August 10th Alexander and Lindsay – Harrisburg, PA
“We always received honest feedback.”

Him: It felt like we could be open and honest with our instructors on where we struggled and where we felt our relationship was strong, without any judgment at all.

Her: It gave us a different outlook and expectation for our wedding day. One with a deeper faith focus on the real meaning and purpose of marriage.

Both:  This was a great experience that brought deep and meaningful conversation into our lives. It allowed us to slow down, spend time with one another and focus on the true meaning and importance of marriage.


August 11th Aaron and Brittany – Kansas City, KS
“We now want to become closer to our faith together.”

Him:  I thought it was a great program that allowed us to move through the course at our own pace. I thought the topics were really good and allowed to think about our upcoming marriage in different ways.

Her:  The course touched on a lot of helpful topics for marriage. I felt like we truly did learn how to bring our faith and God in to our marriage.

Both: We now know that we have a deeper relationship and we can grow from that foundation throughout the rest of our lives and marriage.


August 12th Nicholas and Jessica – Peterborough, Canada
“The course made sure we were prepped for life after the wedding ceremony.”

Him:  The instructors’ attention to detail and guiding through this sacrament prep has been a blessing to us.  We felt comfortable during the process while being brought closer to God.

Her: The course opens the lines of communication for topics that couples might not discuss.

Both: It felt like that the instructor was invested with us and read our answers and either told us that we were right or explained the real answer in detail.


August 13th Michael and Olivia – San Jose, CA
“The course made us think about marriage in a new light.”

Him:  I loved how this class presented marriage and how our relationship with God is present in every part of marriage.

Her: I feel like I learned better ways to communicate with my spouse that will make my marriage long lasting and in accordance with God.

Both: It made us recognize our faults and see what we need to improve upon as a couple, helped us discuss and recognize potential problems we might encounter, and promote more conversations about God and His place in our lives.


August 14th Josiah and Trinh – Pittsburgh, PA
“The course was very informative.”

Him: Through this course, I learn about Sacrament of Matrimony as well as Church's views on marriage life. This course helps me strengthen my faith in God

Her:  I liked that the course allowed Josiah and I to get together to discuss on different topics on our marriage.

BothWe appreciated the resources our instructors gave in answer key.

Couples' Feedback

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