Taking an online course felt more intimate

August 17th J. T and Sandra – Monterey, CA
“The course was insightful.”

Him: I really enjoyed the challenge that was answering these questions and the discussions that it created with my fiancée.  I was satisfied with the types of content that was covered.

Her: What I appreciated most was having a couple assigned to us that were accessible.  If we had questions or comments, they could respond and help us along the way, if needed.

Both: Some of the questions we hadn't contemplated before we took this course.  So it allowed us to discuss issues that we wouldn't have thought of on our own.


August 18th Matthew and Miranda – Ft. Worth, TX
“We think this course was vital for our marriage prep.”

Him:  I felt it made us discuss topics we haven't thought of before and that this course has made our relationship stronger than it was before. 

Her: What I appreciated most was getting to read thorough explanations of how marriage is all connected to God and our faith. I went into the course knowing this, but the course explored this relationship so much deeper and I'm coming out of it with a different view of marriage.

Both: The prep was very easy to navigate and responses were timely and personable. The information felt pertinent and we’ve felt personal growth in our relationship from doing the course.


August 19th David and Heidi – Anchorage, AK
“The course was unapologetically Catholic.”

Him:  I am impressed with the content of this course and the breadth of content that it covered. I appreciate that we got formation in both the spiritual and the practical aspects of marriage. 

Her: I feel the answers were very direct in their teachings and included a lot of informative explanations.  There was a lot included in this course and more resources provided than I expected.  

Both: The communication section itself had some helpful advice and good thought exercises for how to handle various tensions and problems in marriage.


August 20th Ryan and Jessica – Philadelphia, PA
“The course gave great insight into handling challenges.”

Him:  We were able to fit the course into our busy lives that were further complicated with the pandemic.

Her: I think this prep was a great way to pause and reflect before our wedding.  Taking it online felt more intimate for Ryan and I since it was just the two of us.

Both: It allowed us to listen to each other more fully before inserting our opinions in one another's thoughts.


August 21st Jarrett and Jessica – Baltimore, MD
“This pushed us to pursue our faith.”

Him: The lessons were also very applicable, very Catholic, and the personal touch of our instructors made everything hit home. I felt they really cared about everything we had to say and would deliver sound advice to us each lesson.

Her:  I appreciated that the class gave us structured time to talk just between us two, about things that will be and ARE very important as we move towards marriage.

BothIt did improve our communication regarding the sacrament-- we spent more time discussing things about our future than we have in the past.

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