The whole experience will be so useful spiritually

August 24th Justin and Carissa – Greensburg, PA
“The course showed us how a strong faith can benefit our marriage.”

Him: I appreciated the little things like writing love notes and opening up more to each other then we normally would.

Her: We have been together for 7 years now and I thought there wasn’t anything else we could learn from each other but after taking this course we, both have learned a lot more about each other and about faith.

Both: Realizing how much prayer and certain aspects of faith can have such an impact on our marriage and bring us together more makes us want to have a stronger faith and get closer to God.


August 25th Danylo and Therese – Arlington, VA
“We were really able to become fully transparent with each other while doing this course."

Him: I have always had a faith life on my own but it has been a challenge to see what our faith life would look like together. It made me think about how I want my family to live its faith

Her: I thought the preparation was very thorough, covering many topics and aspects of marriage that we would not have gone into otherwise.

Both: This made us more comfortable with uncomfortable topics and now we are more apt to have these conversations in normal life. It was also sweet to learn a bit about our instructors’ story and we really felt they were invested in us and the success of our engagement!


August 26th Beau and Sydney – Baton Rouge, LA
“We’re grateful that we were able to do this course before we got married.”

Him:  This course opened my eyes to so many other aspects of marriage and helped me gain another perspective into this journey.

Her: This course helped me understand Holy Matrimony on a different level. It showed me that there's much more than just loving each other.

Both: The course helped us talk about tough topics that we had only briefly touched upon in the past.


August 27th Brian and Aguida – Las Vegas, NV
“The course helped us learn a lot.”

Him:  The instructors feedback after we finished an assignment was very uplifting and informative.

Her:  All of the comments, assessments and the links strengthened what we have learned and will be so useful going forward in our journey as a couple.

Both: The whole experience will be so useful spiritually and our relationship with God will give us the tools to keep our marriage stronger with God.


August 28th Dalton and Kourtney – New Orleans, LA
“The feedback was amazing!”

Him: I feel like I grew much closer to Kourtney during the process and feel we now have the skills to embark on our journey through life together.

Her:  I appreciated the customized answers provided by our instructors. I liked how they were not generic answers, they really took the time to tailor the answer keys to us!

BothWe had many deep, interesting conversations about religion, life, and our relationship that we probably wouldn't have had otherwise. It really opened our eyes to the true gift of marriage.

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