The course showed us how to really love

August 31st Jack and Hailey – Fresno, CA
“The course showed us our foundation as a couple.”

Him: I thought the course was very helpful. It helped us to take a much closer look and discuss things such as goal's, shortcomings and techniques and tools for a successful marriage. It provided a lot of helpful tools and advice, especially the focus on prayer, humility, planning, and honest communication.

Her: It really went into depth on Church teaching specifically on marriage. I really appreciated all the thought provoking questions.

Both: It allowed us to become more comfortable in talking about big and small issues alike. The course provided us with a deeper understanding of each other and honestly made us fall more in love with each other.


September 1st Jeremy and Jamie – Fort Worth, TX
“I loved how well rounded the course was.”

Him: I feel like this preparation was very conclusive. Some felt repetitive, but in a good way, a way that allowed us to examine and reexamine issues that we both felt strongly about.

Her: I appreciated the answer keys the most. I feel like they helped navigate the parts of our discussions where we either could not agree or just did not know where we should have let the conversation lead us.

Both: We were able to have neutral discussions over serious topics, and I think it will help us in the future because we now have a stronger platform to stand upon in our marriage.


September 2nd Jeffrey and Abby – Cincinnati, OH
“We now want to be better Catholics.”

Him: This course was very helpful in bringing up conversations that we had not had.  It also taught us the true meaning of love and what marriage is all about.

Her: It made me see God in our relationship and made me want to practice my faith better.

Both: This course opened us up to have some very valuable conversations about serious life topics that we hadn't discussed, even after being together for as long as we have. 


September 3rd Mike and Taylor – Philadelphia, PA
“The course will definitely help us in the future.”

Him:  I most appreciated the insight from the married couple who were our instructors. It made me contemplate parts of the faith and connect them to the new parts of my life that are coming.

Her:  I was able to learn a few things about us and some ways we can better communicate.

Both:  This course made me take a step back and remember that this is a sacrament that we are doing together and that our faith is very important in our marriage.


September 4th Eric and Laurel – Baton Rouge, LA
“The instructors were great.”

Him: I appreciated the ability to sit down and discuss important and some hard and serious items in the comfort of our own privacy together.

Her:  I recommend this for couples who are considering marriage. It was a great tool!

Both: It definitely renewed our desire to have God and his church as a huge part of not only our marriage but also the family that we are starting together.

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