The course didn't feel like a lecture

September 21st Anthony and Rachael – Pittsburgh, PA
“We were very impressed with the course!”

Him: The course was very thorough and informative. We learned a lot, and I think I got much more from this than I would have from a weekend-long workshop.

Her: The questions brought up a lot of things to discuss and reflect on faith wise. They also gave us concrete ideas on how to carry out our faith together and as a family.

Both: Submitting section by section allowed us to discuss feedback and have time to think about it over a longer period. We really liked this format.


September 22nd Dylan and Elizabeth – Cincinnati, OH
“There was a lot of opportunity to reflect.”

Him: I believe this prep dug deep into the meaning/reasoning behind Marriage and it's expectations. It didn’t feel like a lecture.

Her: I liked having something that made us talk about important things. It helped us discuss topics that maybe we wouldn't have addressed without this guidance.

Both:  We were discussing topics about our beliefs that we hadn't talked about before. It makes us want to be involved more in the church.


September 23rd William and Jeannine – Pittsburgh, PA
“We feel ready to get married in the Church.”

Him: The course has reminded me about the importance of having God as the number one priority in our marriage. Thanks to this course, I am considering doing future Catholic couples courses.

Her: I am very appreciative that the priest asked us to do this, because I truly learned so much about the matrimonial sacrament and refreshed my knowledge about the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Both: It was a much-needed refresher course of the teachings of the Catholic Church and marriage by active participation with answers and individual direct feedback and a ton of information for further learning.


September 24th Steven and Erica – Philadelphia, PA
“Surprised us with quality content.”

Him: I liked how it showed us we can still refer to the Bible in these modern days.

Her:  As a non-Catholic I liked the modern take and overlook they have towards non-Catholic people. This course seeks to educate not shun.

Both: The in-depth readings, modern material, and great explanations from course teachers made for a wonderful experience.


September 25th Kevin and Jennifer – Sacramento, CA
“We loved all of this course.”

Him:  This class helped us out with confirming many different things and also answering a lot of questions we had to further our faith as a Catholic couple. 

Her: I feel as though I gained a lot of wisdom on the aspects of being married through the Catholic Church and on how important this sacrament is. 

BothThis course has helped us open our eyes to ideas of different forms of communication and love.

Couples' Feedback

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