I have nothing but positives to say

What is your overall impression of this class?
Him: Initially, I was hesitant about an online course, but we really did not have a choice due to covid-19. After completing the course, I have nothing but positives to say. The lessons were also very applicable, very Catholic, and the personal touch of our instructors made everything hit home. I felt they really cared about everything we had to say and would deliver sound advice to us each lesson.
Her: I really liked this prep course! I was worried about it not being in-depth enough or as extensive as an in-person course, but I actually think we put more time in together on the material than an in-person course would have required. I loved having a couple mentor us over the course of the prep, and I think that we both will remember a lot of helpful and meaningful things that our instructors told us in our answer keys.

Did it meet your expectations?
Him: Yes. Again, I didn't really know what to expect because I had heard different things from couples I know, but this was great.
Her: Yes it did! Exceeded them.

What did you appreciate most and why?
Him: Honestly, I really loved getting to see deeper into how Jessica thinks, along with her expectations for marriage. But also, my reverence for the sacrament has also grown, which I greatly appreciate because I have a deeper understanding.
Her: I appreciated that the class gave us structured time to talk just between us two, about things that will be and ARE very important as we move towards marriage.

Did it ignite, revive, or renew your desire to get closer to God and his Church? Yes
How did it revive - or not - your faith?
 It continued to push me to pursue my faith. Before contemplating marriage, I was already trying to strengthen my faith. The time we spend completing this course served to help in this journey.
Her: I think that through this course I realized how important it is continue growing closer to God and His Church not only for myself but also for my future family and my spouse.

Did the process of the course allow you to communicate better and share in depth as a couple? Yes
How did it improve - or not - your communication?
It did improve our communication regarding the sacrament-- we spent more time discussing things about our future than we have in the past.

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