The course sparked some really good discussions between us

October 12th Tim and Maddy – Sacramento, CA
“The class strengthened our appreciation for the sacrament.”

Him: The class strengthened our appreciation for the sacrament and enlightened us further in understanding that it must be approached with a willingness to serve God and spouse with love and sacrifice. 
Her:It provides us with a sound basis and foundation as we enter the sacrament.
Both: It has served to strengthen an already fervent spiritual life in both of us.

October 13th Joseph and Lauren – Cave Creek, AZ
“This course was able to provide new avenues for growth and incorporation into our lives and our marriage.”

Him:  I liked that although it did follow an outline/curriculum, we were still able to tailor it to the unique needs that we had as a couple.
Her:I like how it was designed to incorporate a mix between joined and individual responses. It was fun to be able to see how we were similar and different in how we perceived/interpreted readings, philosophies, questions etc.
Both: The intentional time with this course was refreshing and enlightening to see how we can be better with more frequent and active faith practices together.

October 14th Nolan and Olivia – Mandeville, LA
“The course has given us a better view of what to expect in marriage.”

Him: The course sparked some really good discussions between us and gave us time to really think about the important issues.
Her:This course was a great alternative to an in-person marriage prep
Both:We so enjoyed the testimony and insight of our instructors! We think this has been a very positive experience and has done a great job of preparing us for our Catholic marriage!

October 15th Jacob and Catherine – Westerville, OH
“The course exceeded our expectations.”

Him:The courses were very thorough and with our instructor’s guidance, it became very clear.|
Her: I appreciated the guidance from our instructors and the time and effort that they put into their responses. You can tell that they love being able to guide couples that are getting married and provide them with the tools that they need.
Both: It improved our communication because it allowed us to find time each day to complete our assignments and talk through them. We both were able to take a lot from this class, it was very educational.

October 16th Michael and Christine – West Roxbury, MA
"This was an excellent program!”

Him:It added a new perspective to view marriage and our faith.
Her: It was a great experience that allowed us to have valuable conversation and deepen our relationship with God.
BothWe were able to express thoughts about concepts and issues that are usually difficult to discuss. 


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