It encouraged us to talk about the difficult and unknown

October 26th Kai Jun and Rita – Singapore (Asia) “This course has enabled us to discuss matters that we never knew were important in our relationship.” 

Him:I was able to learn greater insights and understanding of the Catholic church and its practices, which has been helpful, especially for a non-Catholic like me. 
Her:It has helped me understand more on how to lead a God centric marriage with my husband.
Both: We have learned about God's love and we hope to be a better reflection of God's love by loving each other wholeheartedly.

October 27th Joseph and Krystal – Las Vegas, NV “This course exceeded our expectations! Even though it was a computer-based course, it gave us time to critically think about our response.”

Him: This course made us communicate more about our faith. We tend to pray more together now.
Her: Wow! This marriage prep class opened my eyes, brought clarity to my faith and the importance of marriage.
Both: This was a fun and great way for us to get to know each other on another level. We learned a lot about ourselves as well as deepening our connection with God.

October 28th Richard and Rachel – Kings Park, NY “We have had such thoughtful and in depth conversations after and during every session of the prep!”

Him: Learning more about the importance of marriage. It is not just a "ceremony" in church, there is so much more to the significance of getting married in the church, and our relationship with God as a couple.
Her: This course helped me to remember just how important it is to invite Christ into our marriage.
Both: It opened up so many questions and in turn great conversations.

October 29th Joshua and Ellie - Westphalia, MI “The course was a fun and engaging way to learn practical tools to prepare for this exciting time!”

Him: Very practical, to consider ideas I had not yet come across, made me feel even more of what a great undertaking this is, how important it is enjoy our engaged time, and enjoy the preparation for the total self-giving that is to take place.
Her: That it made me enjoy the preparation for the total self-giving that is to take place.
Both: The many opportunities for the two of us to talk about things we would not have considered.

October 30th Damian and Cathryn – Houston, TX This really allowed us to engage in deep conversations and truly has deepened our relationship with each other and with Christ.”

Him:I appreciate the enlightenment to my future marriage and my own personal faith.
Her: The course encouraged us to talk about the difficult and unknown and that has really made us stronger as a couple.
Both: This course brought up things to talk about that may not have come up for years. It allowed us to dive deep into conversation.

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