The course encouraged us to think outside the box.

November 2nd Austin and Tianna – Staten Island, NY “This experience allowed us to be honest and vulnerable with one another.”

Him:I feel like it rejuvenated me into wanting to be sure to have devoted family time towards our faith and partaking in mass more consistently. 
Her:It revived my faith by making me realize how much my religion, morals, and beliefs played a part in our relationship. Wanting me to incorporate family time devoted to praying together. 
Both: We were able to spend together reflecting on the journey of our relationship and how much our faith played a part in it.

November 3rd Christopher and Abigail – Bethlehem, PA “This was a reminder that we are not in this alone.”

Him: It shed light on topics we knew were important and allowed us to discuss those areas more.
Her:Yes, it made me realize and remember the importance of continued faith.
Both: The course encouraged us to think outside the box. It shed light on other areas that we have not talked about yet reinforced what we were already doing and allowed us to ensure our goals as a couple.

November 4th Timothy and Jordan Marie – San Francisco, CA “It reintroduced us to a lot of ideas that we had not seen in a long time or were completely new to us.”

Him: I appreciated the religious context for all of the different parts of marriage and the helpful hints on what we can actually do in our marriage to make it better.  I actually learned a lot in the active listening portion.
Her: I appreciated reading parts of the scripture together and discussing them because it helped strengthen our Spiritual relationship even more.
Both:Doing the worksheets together and answering important questions brought us closer together as we work towards marriage.

November 5th Robert and Hannah – Tulsa, OK “We gathered a lot more understanding of the Sacrament of Marriage and the miracle of love that it really is.”

Him: I was already returning to the Church on my own because of Hannah's influence and this was more of a further study into the specifics of marriage on my path.
Her: I learned so much and I feel that I grew in understanding of the Catholic faith and the Sacrament of Marriage.
Both: We gained many tools that will benefit our marriage.

November 6th Mateusz and Marta – Chicago, IL “This course helped us to understand the true value of marriage.”

Him: This was a fantastic and thorough course that gave me a lot of direction.
Her: I really appreciated the topic about "talk" (communication) in marriage, as well as, the first topic with Adam and Eve (story of Genesis).
BothIt showed us the need to focus, be more patient and listen to God's will as a couple.

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