I appreciated actual people giving us feedback

November 26th Ryan and Alyssa – San Francisco, CA - “The course lessons were inspiring, informative and very helpful to ignite thoughtful discussions with each other.”

Him:The course was so enlightening! Overall, I believe this was a phenomenal steppingstone towards the sacrament of marriage.
Her:I thought the courses were very thorough in the subjects/topics and the resources to help us understand them. Our teachers thoroughly guided us via email/online with feedback and suggestions through it all.
Both: We are eager to utilize our answer keys as a reference and guide throughout our marriage; we truly cherish them! Thank you so much to our instructors for facilitating this course for us!

November 27th Kevin and Amelia – Lincoln, NE - “The course showed us with God in our marriage, we can do all things because of Him.”

Him:I learned a lot about the spiritual dimension of marriage and the relationship tools section was excellent.
Her:I was impressed in every session, how informative it all was; especially the importance of never-ending forgiveness, humility, taking the time to understand one another and making the decision to love daily.
Both: The course provided more knowledge and will be our take home for our married life journey.

November 28th Santon and Ashley – Easton, PA - “The course has helped us explore and dive deeper into our faith as a couple and individually.”

Him:I appreciated our instructor’s responses; even though we never physically met, they were invested in us.  Her:I appreciated getting the chance to have good conversations about topics we didn't quite talk about yet and it opened our hearts to the Lord as we prepare for a life long journey of marriage.
Both:We so enjoyed this prep and are thankful for reviving our relationship with God!

November 29th John and Nicole – Scottsdale, AZ“We are much better off and prepared for a joy filled marriage after completing this course.”

Him: I appreciated actual people giving us feedback based on what we responded with and how they align with God. Thank you for the interaction.
Her:This course made us discuss topics we never had discussed, made us put one another first, how to better handle conflict, but most of all the importance of marriage and God in our relationship.
Both: Thecourse has amplified our faith and trust in God for our marriage and future. It has brought about a new level of importance to keep God in our lives and with those around us.

November 30th Kookjin and Genine- Edmonds, WA - “This course revived our desire to be closer to God and has made our bond stronger our love forever.”

Him: I never thought about how we should think about God in our marriage deeply and seriously and I think it helped me to start being a good husband and Christian.
Her: This was more than I expected it to be, the answer key and responses/interaction I think is vital to the lessons. It’s a lot of information and having that response back is so good to have. We love reading them and knowing we can apply everything to our everyday lives.
Both:We feel secure to have God be the center of our relationship.

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