A definite catalyst for understanding each other’s views

December 11th David and Lisa – Baltimore, MD - “The course is an excellent reference for the Catholic faithful and a great resource for non-Catholics also, on what we believe.”

Him: A course of this magnitude certainly ignites' one's desire to move closer to Almighty God and the true Church--The Catholic Church. I feel the Holy Spirit implanting commentary in my soul and correcting my thought process as a whole.
Her: While altering the course of marriage is not an easy task, a good solid marital education program like this one is an effective way in helping couples stay together and making unhappy marriages more satisfying.
Both: Completing this course together, we aretelling God that “we have time for you and we sincerely want our marriage to have "YOU" in the center of our lives daily.”

December 14th Joseph and Dior – Bensenville, IL - “It provoked some difficult conversations but the two of us are much stronger as a result!”

Him: I have been a bit of a lukewarm Catholic for the past few years, and this course has inspired me to become more invested in God’s direction for my life.
Her: The course was a definite catalyst for understanding each other’s views and the faith even better.
Both: We learned an immense amount about Catholic marriage that we would have never considered had we not participated in this class.

December 15th Jeffrey and Francesca - Bethlehem, PA - “This was a very enlightening class. We grew closer to one another during this process.”

Him: The course showed me some steps to move closer to God.
Her: This course explained how important it is for God to be a part of our marriage to keep it strong.
Both: We greatly appreciated talking about deeper issues that we had not discussed before and to know there was another couple teaching us along the way.

December 16th Eliud and Yovanna - CA  Our instructors were so responsive, reflective, and resourceful. We appreciate all of it!”

Him: I feel that it renewed my sense of belonging in the Church.
HerThis course helped me re-discover my relationship with God and myself. I am thankful.
Both: This course gave us some much-needed reflection and (the love letters) helped us better appreciate our feelings for one another.

December 17th Zachary and Rachel – Baton Rouge, LA - “This program was a great tool to help us prepare for marriage.”

Him: This prep allowed me to really understand and connect with the scriptures that we read. Completing the assignments almost made me feel like I was in God’s presence and that he is proud of what I am doing.
Her:  I liked that our instructors were so personal with us and shared their own stories to help us better understand the concepts that we were learning and discussing with each other.
Both: We appreciate how open our instructors were with us. It made us feel more comfortable being open with them about our true feelings/life experiences.

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