This course allowed us to go deeper into our communication styles

December 18th Jason and Emily – Monroeville, PA - “The course allowed us to grow and challenge our own misconceptions about marriage.”

Him:I enjoyed taking time to appreciate my fiancé even more, as well as the support from our instructors.
Her:Doing the activities within the assignments deepened my relationships with my fiancé and with God.
Both: This course encouraged us to talk about our future and we did so with God present, allowing us to grow stronger as a couple.

December 21st Nick and Abby – Denver, CO - “We drew deeper connections between our beliefs and the vocation we are about to devote our life to.”

Him:I most appreciated the intellectual depth of the questions, contents, comments we got and that there was a decent amount of theology involved with it all!
Her:Even though the course was online, our instructors responded to our questions in such a personal way.
Both:The course gave us practice and lots of learning opportunities with how to remain respectful amid hard discussions!

December 22nd Tyler and Michelle – Ft. Thomas, KY - “This prep introduced God to us in a whole new way- His gifts, desires for us and the path to get there.”

Him:It inspired me to continue to making God the focal point of our relationship.
Her:This course was incredibly helpful and really allowed us to go deeper into our communication styles. Both:The course allowed us to open up to each other, even when difficult, and to have meaningful conversations in a thoughtful way.

December 23rd Gregory and Emily – Pittsburg, PA -  “We were pleasantly surprised and very impressed with how impactful this marriage prep experience was online!”

Him: It was good to see the perspective from another couple. It provided great insight as well as connection to another couple - as if we had met in person!
Her:Our instructors responses were individualized and really helped us think back through the exercises and our answers. Their insight was invaluable.
Both: This course gave us tools and techniques to help us as we navigate marriage and continue to grow in our love and faith.

December 24th Peyton and Cree – Destrehan, LA - “This program provides the teachings and tools to have a great and authentic Catholic marriage.”

Him:  This course was so authentic and helpful to both our marriage preparation and for Catholic catechesis.
Her:  I liked that the course provided us with wonderful knowledge we can use for the rest of our lives and it gave us many opportunities for conversation. As a new member of the Catholic church the course gave much clarification on things I was confused about.
Both:The course didn't just cover what certain teachings were, it gave you arguably all that you need to understand.It also strengthened our overall understanding of the reality of our lives, the beauty of our relationship with God and our faith.

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