We were most impressed with how much was covered

December 25th Brett and Mallory – Gretna, LA - “The course was convenient (online) and brought us closer as a couple.”

Him:I appreciated how the course encouraged me to look differently at my relationship and to bring Christ into it more than before.
Her:This course inspired me to become closer to God and the church throughout my relationship.
Both: We took the time and opportunity the course gave us to have deeper conversations on important issues.

December 28th Hugh and Hannah – Columbus, OH - “We have a more solid foundation than we did before! We’ve been reminded of what our consent before God will mean and how to share a productive marriage with one another.”

Him:I’ve appreciated what I’ve learned about mutual respect and understanding (in the course) in order to talk through difficult conversations that come up and to understand the biblical basis of marriage as well.
Her:The course put our desire for a sacramental marriage in concrete and explicit terms, making them easier to understand and strive for.
Both:We were most impressed with how much was covered! As well as having time to digest and discuss each lesson as we moved at our own pace instead of being rushed to finish it all, was greatly appreciated.

December 29th George and Abigail – Urbana, IL - “This course has helped us to look inward in strengthening our relationship and work together to help each other get to heaven.”

Him:The course reminded me of the many ways that I can reignite my faith with Christ.
Her:This course has been rich, deep, and full. We are grateful for the intensity, rigor and thoroughness.
Both:We greatly appreciatedthe thorough and personal responses from our instructors. It meant a lot to know that another couple was reading our answers and sharing their experience with us.

December 30th Brennan and Morgan – Summerhill, PA – “Everything we learned is something we can apply in our everyday life as a married couple.”

Him: The class gave me a broad perspective on marriage and the different ways you can show your love for one another.
Her:The class made me think about the tools I can use from what we’ve learned to help strengthen our marriage.
Both: This course reminded us that we need to make religion more of a priority;our faith in God needs to be the center of our marriage.

December 31st Leroy and Leslie – Uvalde, TX - “Through this program, we have opened up our relationship up to the Lord.”

Him:  This prep allowed us to take the time to be vulnerable with one another.
Her:  The course allowed us toopen up about faith and to discuss issues we have not thought to talk about until this class.
Both:We appreciate how this course has brought us closer together, with the Lord, within our relationship and has inspired us to take further steps to deepen our relationship with God even more.


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