We were able to really analyze together our faith like never before

January 4th Jimmy and Rachel – New Orleans, LA   “Regarding aspects of spirituality, the course facilitated us in making connections that were not as apparent before.”

Him: As a non-Catholic, it helped me to better understand the teachings and doctrine of the Catholic Church.
Her: The course laid the foundation for us to continue to grow spiritually together.
BothThe courseprovided great insight into the church's teaching and guidance on the sacrament of marriage.

January 5th Jason and Katelyn – Kettering, OH -“The course provided new insights and resources to make us more spiritually connected as a couple.”

Him:  With the course, I was able to reflect on the wonders and spiritual grounds of matrimony more deeply on a level that I had not been exposed to prior. I am inspired and excited to grow in other areas of my faith!
Her: This course was thought provoking and fostered great discussion between us as a couple.
Both: This course was a great way for us to approach the sacrament of marriage and bring up discussions that we may not have had otherwise.

January 6th Brady and MacKenzie – Ottawa, IL - “The course showed us how much our faith is going to be present in our marriage...it was such a blessing!”

Him: I appreciated utilizing each feedback reflection to understand more and clarify the more difficult questions.
Her: This class was such a foundational stepping stone into our marriage.
Both: We were able to express our faith and reflect on how we can incorporate our faith in our marriage.

January 7th Timothy and Caitlyn – Pittsburg, PA - “It was so nice to get deep with one another in our faith and love.”

Him: This course helped me to truly understand the sacrament of marriage and grow closer to God and the church.
Her:I feel I have a deeper understanding of my faith and the sacrament of marriage.
Both: With this course, we were able to sit down together and really analyze our faith like never before.

January 8th Andrew and Sandra – Shawnee, KS -  “This prep showed us how God is a very important part of this new step in our lives.”

Him: This prep was a lovely and fulling experience; providing a lot of new ideas that were great to explore!
Her: I appreciated the education the course provided to get more prepared for the sacrament of matrimony and connect with God.
Both: This was a great experience and so very helpful!


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