We were able to speak about heavier topics

January 10th Julius and Alyssa – San Diego, CA -“The course allowed us the time and space to properly have important conversations about all aspects of our relationship.”

Him: The course helped us prepare for our marriage in a different way.

Her: I appreciated the feedback and answers we received when we needed clarification and guidance.

BothThe courseprovided a better understanding of how God is involved in our relationship and marriage at every stage when we invite him in.

January 11th Justin and Brittany – Fairfield, CT -“This course exceeded all expectations!”

Him:  The course presented a non-accusatory way to acknowledge the need for faith and prayer in our relationship and confront challenges head on, taking a proactive approach to them.

Her: It opened our eyes and hearts to topics, feelings and discussions which helped prepare us for marriage. I think overall it truly showed us what needs to be discussed, how Christ can be with us through every step and how we can be the best spouses possible to each other.

Both: This course helped set a foundation of healthy communication for our marriage. It prompted us to dive deeper into the root causes/meanings of things instead of just scratching the surface on the reality of marriage.


January 12th Taylor and Jordan Noel – Madisonville, LA - “We learned a lot that we can use to have a successful marriage.”

Him: The course has encouraged us to continue to have God as the foundation of our love.

Her: The classes have already helped us put into action so much that has grown us closer as a couple.

Both: We were able to speak about heavier topics in a more open, loving way with the guidance of this course.


January 13th Antonio and Karla – Spring, TX - “The course itself turned out to be better than we had hoped for!”

Him: The course helped us a couple to be fully aware of what is to come and the commitment we are about to take. I love the way it covered every topic about the sacrament of marriage.

Her: I’m so glad the Church does this. It really helps understand the meaning of marriage and God’s blessing.

Both: With this course, we were able to better connect with God and to each other as a couple.


January 14th Alexander and Melanie – Houma, LA - “We were able to discuss and communicate about important things and feel very prepared to get married.”

HimI’m more prepared to take on marriage since we have gotten to know each better and also have talked and planned for our future with the help of this course.

Her: I appreciated new topics to discuss for our upcoming marriage and feel more prepared for our future.

Both: The course gave us a better base of stability for starting our marriage.

January 15th Christopher and Ellen – Pittsburg, PA - “This prep was insightful and provided clarity surrounding the importance of being married in the Church with God at the center.”

Him: This course cleared up misconceptions I had about the views of the Church and gave a new perspective.

Her: I appreciated knowing there is a couple on the other end who are reading and thinking about our answers/thoughts and are open to how we feel.

Both: It brought about some challenging, but important conversations we needed to have as a couple. 

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