The course has opened up an entire aspect of our relationship

January 17th Tommy and Bernadette– Denver, CO -“We can’t wait to apply what we’ve learned into our marriage!”

Him: As a non-Catholic, it was great to learn about my partners religion and connect on a new level.

Her: The course revived my faith and is helping me grow as individual, but also as partner in a marriage.

BothDue to the course, we now have a clear idea on what is expected from each other as we enter marriage.

January 18th Jake and Alexandria – Carlsbad, CA-“The course was well balanced and relatable. Thank you for investing in us as a couple!”

Him:  The course was very insightful and prepared me to be a good husband.

Her: It gave me a new perspective of marriage and the importance of God's presence in our relationship.

Both: Learning about God through the lens of matrimony has given us new perspectives.

January 19th Jordan and Andrea – Brighton, MI - “We learned how to have a successful marriage and family.”

Him: I appreciated that it brought a new outlook of what it is like to be married in Christ.

Her: It revived my faith by learning the WHY's of marriage in the Church and deepened my understanding of the importance of the Church's teachings.

Both: Our instructors answers were so helpful and provided insightful wisdom into marriage through Christ!

January 20th Danny and Jessica – Yonkers, NC - “The course helped to challenge our way of thinking and the feedback on the answer keys broadened our minds.”

Him: The course helped me to understand what marriage truly is. It helped me to broaden my mind.

Her: It helped me revive my faith and understand why the Church has certain rules in place for marriage.

Both: We were able to understand the seriousness of marriage and what is expected from the spouses.


January 21st Daniel and Lizette – Houston, TX - “It got us to talking about important things that we needed to talk about in order to make our marriage work. :)”

HimThe responses to our answers really helped me understand even more about what I was reading and opened us up for even more dialogue as a couple and understand things from different perspectives.

Her: I liked how NFP was included in this course. It gave me some sort of relief to know that there is a natural way of planning for children which is something we are looking forward to.

Both: The course opened up much about the church, Christ and God that encourages us to be involved more. 

January 22nd Luke and Ashley – Allentown, PA - “This prep brought us closer to God and strengthened our relationship; it taught us the foundation of our marriage.”

Him: I was hopeful that this course would reinvigorate my faith and I believe that it has.

Her: I appreciated the opportunity to have an open dialect and recenter our focus of our future marriage.

Both: The course has opened up an entire aspect of our relationship that we never really discussed at length. 

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