I enjoyed getting to know my future spouse better

January 24th Albert and Alexandria– Bensalem, PA -“It was a very lovely, informational and eye-opening course.”

Him: It helped me realize the significance God plays in our lives and in the sacrament of marriage.

Her: It revived my faith to return to Church and the sacraments more frequently.

BothThe course encouraged us to delve deeper into serious and important topics.


January 25th Ryan and Mayra – Spring, TX -“This program provided us with guidance in the faith and improved our connection with God and as a couple.”

Him: I am more prepared to enter this marriage as this course has given me the tools to be a better husband, have a good marriage and have a marriage together with God.

Her: I have a better understanding of how the Church sees marriage and how all is taught for a reason.

Both: The course gave us tools we are taking with us to make our marriage be a forever one.

January 26th Christian and Monica – Atlanta, GA - “We grew a stronger connection to God by learning more about our faith.”

Him: I appreciated how it broke down the roles of each person in a marriage and how they work together.

Her: I enjoyed the time we were able to set aside and discuss our plans for our future and how God is the center of our marriage.

Both: We discussed issues that may arise in our marriage and built a stronger communication system in a way we both understand.

January 27th Justin and Clare – Queensland, Australia - “The course helped us realize just what we will be entering into from the day we say I do.”

Him: The modules throughout the course made me realize I can do so much more to be closer to God.

Her: I enjoyed getting to know my future spouse better with each answer we discussed.

Both: We have enjoyed praying, learning and growing together through this course.

January 28th Michael and Kara – Sausilito, CA - “It was a very in depth look at marriage.”

HimThe course provided arenewed desire to get closer to God by showing the importance of God's teachings for marriage and a family's life.

Her: The lessons on the religious background to marriage, the importance of marriage and sharing in our instructors’ stories were most appreciated.

Both: We enjoyed discussing challenging topics together and strengthening our relationship as a couple.

January 29th Jeremy and Kathleen – Arlington, VA - “Our instructors made the course really personal to what our relationship truly needed.”

Him: With this course, I felt like our answers mattered, thatwe were understood and allowed me to better understand the lessons and how they will affect our future marriage and life together.

Her: I appreciated the opportunity this course gave us to pause and focus on our relationship.

Both: The insights from the course and personal stories from our instructors gave us the opportunity for us to see where we can reinforce and strengthen our relationship throughout our marriage.

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