We felt challenged, encouraged, and cared for.

January 31st Roderick and Micaela– Dallas, TX -“HOLINESS is our goal.”

Him: It reminded me of the immense gift and responsibility God has given me in my future spouse. With this gift to give thanks for and this responsibility to care for, I definitely want to grow closer to God and His Church.

Her: The course worked to meet us where we're at without shying away from unpopular truths of our faith.

BothWe felt challenged, encouraged, and cared for.

February 1st Davies and Jessica – St. Louis, MO -“It met us in our need, helped us reach out further and grow strong together.”

Him: The program provided us with a solid foundation, terrific guidance from our instructors and resources to fall back on.

Her: It gave me a deeper desire to pour into the Word of God and meet Christ there. To see our story unfold through the lens of salvation history.

Both: It provided valuable tools to communicate effectively and illuminated areas to improve on as a couple.

February 2nd Mark and Nichole – Leavenworth, KS - “We are better prepared and ready to meet the challenges that marriage can present with enthusiasm instead of fear.”

Him: It gave us many tools that will be useful as we continue this wonder filled journey together.

Her: The course has helped me in my prayer life.  I find myself praying even more intensively for our future marriage and our lives together, and that we will grow closer together with Christ as our center.

Both: We appreciated the detailed answers and responses from our instructors.  It gave each of us the chance to see what we were good on and what needed improvement and why.

February 3rd Kirk and Brittany – Fort Saskatchewan; Alberta, Canada - “Praying has become more enjoyable and we are openly communicating better as a couple.”

Him: I appreciated getting to talk about some things that don't often come up.

Her: I enjoyed digging deeper into what it means to be married.

Both: Thecourse encouraged us to become more devoted to our faith, especially in marriage.

February 4th Sean and Kaela – Center Valley, PA - “We are excited to start our marriage with such a strong foundation.”

HimThe course did not sugar coat the highs and lows of the reality of marriage. It helped put everything in perspective.

Her: The information and lessons from the course revived my faith and drew me closer to God and my fiancé.

Both: We enjoyed the tough questions and thorough discussions in the course; it grew us as a couple.

February 5th Conner and Colleen – East Moline, IL - “We learned a lot and were able to spend some time together as a couple working through the prep.”

Him: I appreciated the opportunity to dive into God's word and spend time with my future wife.

Her: I appreciated the opportunities this course gave us to foster deeper discussions between us.

Both: The insights from the course showed us how our marriage can be stronger when we keep Christ in the center of our relationship.


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