The course allowed us to have conversations that we have not had before

February 7th Quintin and Ivy– California -“The course has been instrumental in our process to getting married in the Church, especially during these times.”

Him: I appreciated the opportunity to learn more about my faith with regards to my married life. There were a lot of things that I learned that are going to be instrumental to me being a good husband and father.

Her: The course has helped open my eyes on the values related to marriage in the faith.

Both We will keep the things we've learned from this course in our hearts as we begin our marriage.

February 8th Luis and Lina – Rancho Cucamonga, CA -“The course allowed us to have conversations that we have not had before and great guidance with our questions.”

Him: I appreciated engaging in honest dialogue about our expectations.

Her: This overall just allowed me to really know that we do love each other. We want to put and keep God present in our relationship and our lives.

Both: This course opened up topics that as a couple we needed to rediscuss or discuss more.

February 9th Matthew and Giulia – Spokane, WA - “Knowing that Christ is with us during this process really allowed for complete communication of self.”

Him: It ignited my faith!

Her: Yes, I feel more prepared for marriage and knowledgeable about the sacrament we are entering into.

Both: I enjoyed reading the Catechism and scripture together and see how these texts illuminate our faith.

February 10th Paul and Noelle – Bend, OR - “We most appreciated the time spent together to complete the lessons which helped us to communicate more.”

Him: I learned a lot about the value of being Catholic and raising a family and getting married with God.

Her: This experience taught me so much that I did not know and brought me closer to God.

Both: The marriage advice was very realistic and practical for us.

February 11th Vishal and Emi – Saskatchewan; Canada - “We are both praying together now and have come to know what is right and wrong.”

HimIt was a wonderful experience. This is totally different from our country. I have learned many things. Thank you so much for this course.

Her: The course lessons covered almost all the areas which should be known for every married couple.

Both: We have started to share our thoughts, ideas, wishes, likes and dislikes. Thank you so much!

February 12th Jose and Yuliana – Knoxville, TN - “We’re so grateful for the time, love, encouragement, and support from our instructors. We have learned so much!”

Him: I appreciated the importance on daily prayer and learning from different resources.

Her: I appreciated being able to learn from other couples who have gone through challenges, allowed themselves to be examples to others and guide us through various issues.

Both: The course covered many different topics, was helpful to work as a team and be able to discuss meaningful topics.

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