We enjoyed deepening our relationship with one another

February 12th John and Kaitlyn– Medford, NY -“We enjoyed the time the course provided us to spend together discussing Christ and making God a priority in our marriage.”

Him: I appreciated the thorough explanations and details of how the love of God benefits marriage.

Her: The course has helped me to reflect, grow and better my relationship with my fiancé and with God.

BothWe enjoyed deepening our relationship with one another, as well as together with God.

February 13th Kaleb and Annie – Houston, TX -“The course will make our marriage strong and resilient to what lies ahead all the while strengthening our relationship with Christ!”

Him: I think something this involved and this intimate really put an exclamation mark on our marriage prep, and I believe we are both closer to each other and God as a result.

Her: I really appreciated the links and additional resources that will be such a keystone in our marriage. I cannot wait to use these lessons to help create a long and lasting marriage.

Both: We both appreciated the feedback because we were able to learn so much more from the course.

February 14th Alfred and Karishma – Ann Arbor, MI - “Realizing just how much God is a part of our marriage and that marriage is a sacrament was quite astonishing!”

Him: The course gave me the opportunity to really take pause and reflect on God's presence in this marriage.

Her: The answers were very personalized to our situation, the content of the course thorough and definitely helped us better prepare for our upcoming marriage. I will be open-minded in letting God into my life.

Both: Such is the beauty of the work of God were our instructors, who helped guide us from behind the scenes and never took credit for how much their profound influence was in bringing Christ into our lives. Thank you!

February 15th S.A. and Stephanie – Anchorage, AK - “This course confirmed the necessity of our faith.”

Him: I appreciated the interactive part of the course, as well as the feedback and personal reflections from our instructors.

Her: Many of the questions sparked great conversations between us.

Both: What we’ve learned in this coursewill be a valuable guide to a successful marriage, if we continue to apply these principles daily.


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