We enjoyed working at our own pace so we could bond together

February 16th Christopher and Caitlin – Kansas City, KS -“Having this course to read and learn from helped keep what's important (God and our faith) in the center of our lives.”

Him: I enjoyed getting to put down our own thoughts but still think together about differences and similarities.

Her: I appreciated the instructors going into depth with the answer keys; we learned so much!

BothWe enjoyed working at our own pace so we could bond together and take as long as we wanted on some of the pieces while still feeling like we were getting assignments accomplished.

February 17th Devon and Erika – Westphalia, MI -“The course gave us that extra push to become more active in our faith.”

Him: This class really opened my eyes to what marriage will bring. Marriage isn't just spending your life with someone forever and starting a family. It's so much more and I am excited to see where this brings us.

Her:The course helped me realize how lacking I have been in my faith and how great a strong relationship with God could be like.

Both: We both appreciated the deeper insight into active listening. It helped us realize that some people just want to be heard.

February 18th Kenneth and Gabrielle – San Francisco, CA - “We most appreciated the opportunity the course gave us to reset and focus on our faith in God and how we want to present ourselves to others around us, especially as a married couple!”

Him: I appreciated getting to learn about the relationship between the Lord, the Church and our upcoming wedding; to think about the readings and relate that to our relationship with detailed lessons made an impact.

Her:It was an excellent course about faith, marriage and our relationship to God. Not only were there plenty of takeaways as related to our marriage, but plenty ideas to lead to a loving and faithful relationship.

Both:The coursewas a way for us to focus on our beliefs and our relationship during this time leading up to marriage and now we feel more equipped to succeed as a married couple.

February 19th Domonic and Geneva – Albuquerque, NM - “This course was very in-depth training, almost like training for battle (that is, against the evil one)!”

Him: I appreciated the affirmation I got in knowing that we are supposed to help each other into Heaven and how to properly talk to others so as to be understanding rather than above or judgmental.

Her: The course replenished my Faith by putting our focus primarily on God in Marriage.

Both: we are very appreciative that we had such a cool couple to be our instructors at the beginning of our wonderful journey together.

February 20th Bernabe and Evania – Honolulu, HI - “This course refreshed our faith by giving us clarity in our responsibilities as Catholics.”

Him: Each assignment had a purposeful meaning beyond rudimentary topics, making us closer within our relationship that we can further build upon.

Her: The quality time we have is much better as we learned better ways to communicate/love each other.

Both: We are confident in entering the next chapter of our lives with God as our author. May God bless you both to continue to change the lives of other couples like us.

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